Face Reading Philtrum

What does Philtrum mean in face reading?

Philtrum (Lip Crease or ‘Person’s Center’) is a vertical, narrow and long groove that everyone has between the nose and upper lip. It mainly presents the reproductive system, also the personality. The length, width, depth and straightness of philtrum tell your fortune, status, life span and descendant.

The Philtrum presents the luck between age 51 and 55. The clear philtrum is believed to be auspicious while the narrow, shallow and dull with mole or scar is inauspicious. The sword-shaped philtrum is regarded as the best, which suggests sound health, good career and children.
The philtrum reflects the kidney condition of both men and women, also the uterus of women. The narrow, shallow and dull philtrum with mole suggests the insufficiency of kidney Qi and the poor ability to have children. The deep, long and wide philtrum symbolizes many children.

Deep and Long Philtrum

It means the well-defined, clear and sunken philtrum that belongs to the honest, kind, modest, polite and popular people, who are patient, persistent, and hardworking, make a prosperous career in middle age, and enjoy auspicious and blessed twilight years.

Short and Shallow Philtrum

The short and shallow philtrum indicates poor luck, and belongs to those who are hot-tempered, oversensitive and unhealthy, lack of luck for children and longevity, and lead a lonely life in old age. People of short and shallow philtrum are indolent, passive and unenterprising, make no effort to seek progress, always wish to get help from others and give up halfway, thus will not make great achievements and have declined luck in middle and old ages.

Wide Philtrum

People with wide philtrum are blessed and extremely lucky. They are generous, tolerant and open-minded, and never haggle over. Also, they are frank, sincere, outspoken and respected by the public to make a flourishing career and realize the dream. Usually, they have good luck in early years and can make money and take charge alone before the age of 20. Women of wide philtrum are much more social and highly paid. If the philtrum is too wide, however, it means impatience, low intelligence and bad luck for children.

Narrow Philtrum

People with narrow philtrum are narrow-minded, jealous, stingy and poor at speech, bother about trifling things and fail to communicate effectively, thus less popular among others and spend a depressed life. The narrow philtrum in same width from top to bottom belongs to those who are coward and mean, have poor vitality and suffer lifelong poverty.

Same Width and Depth from Top to Bottom

Commonly seen among those who have considerable real property and are ready to do charity

Narrow at the Upper and Wide at the Lower

People with such philtrum are loyal and sincere and get more prosperous in old age, thus can benefit the children and grandchildren. They are firm and indomitable, can build up from nothing, get better and live a peaceful life in old age.

Wide at the Upper and Narrow at the Lower

People with such philtrum are oversensitive, extremely suspicious and nervous, and often judge others by themselves, thus the typical angry youth. Also, they lack of endurance and determination, can hardly make great achievements and have poor competence in handling money.

Narrow at Two Ends and Wide at Middle

It suggests the frequent illness and a suffering life.

Crooked Philtrum

It means the philtrum is crescent-shaped. People with crooked philtrum are narrow-minded, jealous and often framed up, carry tales and have poor luck in old age.

Oblique Philtrum

Those with oblique philtrum like to carry tales and talk of others behind by adding the trimmings, which are good to none but worse to themselves and make them frowned-upon, even lead to lawsuits. For women, the oblique philtrum suggests danger in pregnancy or rebellious child despite the smooth delivery, or the uterus inclined left or right. For men, it indicates the strong sexual appetite and evil thoughts. The philtrum inclined left suggests bad luck to male relatives while the philtrum inclined right presents bad luck to female relatives.

A Needle-shaped Line in Philtrum (‘︱’)

People with a needle like line in philtrum are narrow-minded and have poor luck with children who will go far away. Also, it indicates the adopted children or uterus and abdominal operation.

Black Mole on Philtrum

The black mole on philtrum indicates working hard for children for the whole life. Men with a mole on philtrum often speak ill of others, change their jobs frequently and tend to be lascivious. For women, the mole on philtrum suggests uterine disease.

Horizontal Lines on Philtrum

The horizontal line is not auspicious as it suggests the disaster and reminds the person to pay special attention to health. Also, it indicates family discord, generation gap with children and worry about children.