The Face of Wisdom

Smart and wise people can always deal with their work, interpersonal relationship and various problems in life very well. In fact, knowledge and wisdom can be read by face. The seven features below are generally considered to be the face of wisdom.
Wide and Plump Forehead
Forehead is the center of wisdom. The upper forehead represents calculation, the middle part represents memory, and the lower part represents intuitive thinking. A plump forehead indicates well-developed intelligence and advantage in reading and learning. Those with plump forehead are usually energetic and easier to achieve success. A wide forehead shows that the person is open-minded, intelligent, and promising; also, it is a symbol of strong observation and excellent ability in judging the situation and seizing the opportunities.
Bright Piercing Eyes
The eyes are the window of the mind. A pair of bright and pure eyes shows how open and clear the mind is. The bright piercing eyes remind people of good temperament and spirit. Those with such eyes feature sharp insight and great perception, and they are fast learners who can even draw inferences from one instance.
Rosy Lips and White Teeth
Rosy lips indicate sufficient vital energy. People with such lips are usually cheerful, optimistic, strong, insightful, smart and studious. Those with rosy lips and pretty white teeth must be of great wisdom and execution, and able to create miracles in their fields.
High Nose Bridge
In face reading, nose is called Wealth House and it represents one's wealth and career fortune. Besides, nose can tell whether a person is smart. A high and plump nose suggests pretty good luck and success in career, perseverance, wisdom and ambition. Those with such a nose will have a life of good fortune and live a life well provided for.
Ears Higher Than Eyebrows
The position of the ears is very important in face reading. People with high set ears are very intelligent, have a super memory and tend to make great achievements in literature. Those whose ears are higher than eyebrows can be very smart persons with high IQ. This is a feature of lucky face. People with such a feature are meant to be wealthy and prestigious. Ears higher than eyebrows represent the acceptance of good knowledge. People with such ears are mostly wise and feature higher EQ.
Bright Eyes & Graceful Eyebrows
It means graceful and fine-lined eyebrows and bright eyes with big pupils. People with such facial features are usually wise, intelligent, observant and rational. Moreover, they are very talented and can achieve good results no matter what occupation they are engaged in.
Whiter Ears than Face
The plump ears whiter than face suggest higher IQ and better facility for studying, analysis and understanding than the average. Such people can succeed in career with their wisdom and talent.

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