Facial Features Determine Success

Facial Features for Successfull Persons

Everyone wants success, but it is not easy to be successful in a highly competitive society. In facing reading, one's personality and fate can be read from face. Then, what are the facial features for success?
Big and Fleshy Ears with Big Earlobes
In general, big ears suggest good luck. People with big ears are confident, careful, responsible, dignified and self-assured, and always achieve something great. They usually get help from benefactors in career and make a great career without too many efforts. 
Big Mouth 
Mouth is a symbol of enjoyment and lifelong material wealth. The big and regular mouth with thick lips, and white and tidy teeth often belongs to those who are bold, brave, energetic, active and decisive. The big mouth also symbolizes good eloquence, social skills and communication ability which are essential to a good career.
Fleshy Nose Wings and Straight Nose Bridge
Since ancient times, Chinese people have foreseen one's success from face reading. Nose presents one's luck for wealth and official career. A good nose shall have fleshy tip and wings and the nostrils shall be in same size. Otherwise, it suggests no fast luck. People with good nose are very confident and they know clearly that, they have to make great efforts to be successful. Though unlikely to make great fortune overnight, they often create a good career through the efforts made.
Glossy Black and Long Eyebrows
Eyebrow is a symbol of one's talent and personality. Usually, people with glossy black, beautiful, tidy and silky eyebrows, longer than eyes, with medium density, are smart, talented and more likely to succeed. 
Full and Mellow Forehead & Broad and Round Chin 
People with such forehead and chin are enterprising an lucky, thus can make a successful career easily.
Broad Ophryon
Ophryon symbolizes power and courage. People with broad ophryon are more likely to get rich and they are bold enough to do something and accept responsibility for it, broad-minded, tolerant and have a wide circle of acquaintances, thus often succeed easily.
Bright and Long Eyes
Generally speaking, people with long eyes are quite smart and scheming. The bright and long eyes belong to those who are resourceful and intelligent. They usually boast good insights in career, and can seize opportunities and play their cards right. Also, they are easily put in important positions to get promoted step by step. If they choose to start a business, they will develop their companies gradually without great ups and downs.

Facial Features Determine When Could You Get Success

In physiognomy, one's life period for success can be predicted by face reading.
Early Success
Some people are destined to enjoy early success and the facial features are as follows:
Even Three Proportions: Each proportion accounts a third of the face. People with such faces will enjoy early success, lifelong prosperity and plentiful wealth.
Long Eyebrows: This kind of people will be plain sailing in career and seldom suffer big setbacks. Even if they fail in youth, they can save the day quickly.
Ears above Eyebrows: This kind of people is generally ambitious and often get help from others, thus also enjoy early success.
Big Ears: This kind of people is diligent and born in well-off families, thus have a solid foundation for career and tend to enjoy earlier success than others.
Late Success
Full and Round Chin: No matter for men or women, the full and round chin suggests late success. In particular, those with narrow forehead, low hairline, round and full jaw are more likely to enjoy late success. They generally achieve success and win recognition after the age of 45 and the efforts prior to this age tend to be wasted.
Small Eyes: This kind of people will encounter twists and turns in career, yet they are indomitable, hardworking and careful, thus will enjoy late success after making efforts.

The content above is for reference only! You need to work hard no matter when to succeed, because God only helps those who help themselves!

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