What Do the Scars Mean on Face?

To everyone, the face is very important. No one wants to have ugly scars or inauspicious moles on their faces. However, some people may still leave some deep scars on their faces because they are not careful in life. Scars on face look poor, even affect one's fate or fortune. Then, what kind of scars on face can affect personal fortune and destiny?

Scar on Forehead

In face reading, forehead represents one's future development. If there is a scar on your forehead, you cannot expect good fortune in early years but feel ill-fated in career. With a scar on forehead, you will be in bad luck most of the time and good luck never stays with you, so you will find many obstacles in life and make little achievements in career. In addition, forehead also represents your parents, and the scar here implies less favorable physical or career aspect of them. If you have such a scar, make sure you improve your personal qualities, learn to be even-tempered and argue less with others.

Scar Near the Eyes

A scar near the eyes, such as on the upper/lower eyelid or at the outer corner of eye, suggests a bad relationship with family. If your upper eyelid is scarred, you must hate to stay at home and often have disputes with your family. If your lower eyelid is scarred, you will have weak rather than no ties with your children. A scar at the outer corner of eye indicates poor luck in love relationship and you can easily fall out with your love. A scar below the eye can cause punishment to children, such as miscarriage.

Scars on Eyebrow

Scars on eyebrow remind you to be careful in investment, as you may lose money because of a friend. A scar on the left eyebrow suggests you may split with your partner, while a scar on the right eyebrow indicates a tense relationship in marriage. With scars on both eyebrows, you will lead a troubled life riddled with ups and downs, especially in early and middle age. 

Scar on Nose

Nose represents wealth and marriage in face reading. A scar on nose suggests money losses and poor luck in love, characterized by falling in love with a wrong person and suffering from it. If you have a scar on nose, be careful in starting a relationship and watch for a period of time to see if he/she is ill-intentioned or has a disgusting habit; remember not to fall in blindly. 

Scar on Mouth

Mouth, known as the organ of entrance, represents both language competence and talent in making money. A good mouth implies good luck for wealth and skill in gathering money. A scar on mouth can affect one's career, fortune and love a lot. If you have a noticeable scar near your mouth, your fortune can be affected - unable to keep money and dogged by emotional problems; the words you say can invite trouble to you. 

Scar on Chin

A scar on your chin indicates you are more likely to be betrayed by villains or friends, and get into trouble because of them. If the chin is fleshy, the situation can be better. Scars on chin are acquired, not innate, thus can be either good or bad. As long as the scar is subtle and you pay enough attention, your prospect can be promising. 

Scar on Cheek

Cheek is the organ representing one's courage and power. Scars on cheek imply ups and downs in career, bad relation with leadership and loss of power or money. With a scar on cheek, you will find the official career shaky and troubled by the base characters, from which you can get involved in lawsuit or dispute. 

Scar on Ear

Ears, the organ of hearing, represent your fortune in early youth. A scar here can impose a great impact on your destiny, including bad luck in early years, poor health, straitened family, and being fooled by the little snobs.

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