Personality for Snake People of AB Type Blood

Calm and serious for everything, AB-type Snakes think carefully, plan thoroughly and strive for practical results. They are wise and sensitive, can tell right from wrong, predict the future and take resolute measures. Therefore, they won't suffer big setbacks but live a relaxed, happy and peaceful life smoothly. Meanwhile, they always try to be decent, hide away joys and sorrows, treat colleagues and friends indifferently and keep certain distance. 


As rationalists, Snake people of AB-type blood are independent, have a clear plan for life, almost move every step forward as per the plan, arrange time well and never indulge in pleasure and comfort, thus live a smooth life. They often treat the future rationally and never hold higher hope for anything but work in a down-to-earth manner and keep a peaceful mind. Since they are capable enough to handle all kinds of relationships, they often stand out in workplace and get recognition from leaders and colleagues. Decent and intelligent, they can always attract the opposite sex even without a pretty face and have good luck in love relationship. AB-type Snakes are keen on rational and plain love, and grasp the rhythm of love perfectly, thus can live together till old age with loved ones.


Snakes of AB-type blood are vain and hate to expose their emotion or interfere in others' life, often make others feel sophisticated and cold. Sometimes, they pretend to be mature and will get into trouble once meet someone who is really mature. Since they dislike others stepping into their lives or offer help, they don't have many friends, let alone the intimate friends, hence very lonely. Cold-natured, they are even indifferent to the loved ones. With neither unforgettable love nor passion for life, they are quite boring.


AB-type Snakes are suggested to be more passionate and a little unrestrained. If they can really remain indifferent whether granted favors or subjected to humiliation, they might as well stick to the personality. But it will be totally unnecessary if they just try to be indifferent for the sake of vanity and recognition. Life with no bosom friend is terrible and those who refuse to communicate with others are poor. Offer help to others, they can make many friends and get inner peace. So why not do it? In love relationship, males are suggested to marry a warm, generous, lively and humorous woman while females are suggested to find an enthusiastic, frank, honest, simple and aggressive partner.