Girdle of Venus in Palmistry

What Does Girdle of Venus Mean in Palmistry?

Located above the Heart Line, Girdle of Venus is the arched line surrounding middle finger and ring finger. It’s also regarded as the sister line of Heart Line which is often seen on the soft palms. People with the Ring of Venus feature strong sense of beauty and talent in art and creation. They are very precocious and tend to have puppy love; they care about the opposite sex very much, express their love meticulously, get hurt easily and react violently to love.

Girdle of Venus is also known as the radiation line because it is commonly seen on the palms of those working in the radiation environment, e.g. in front of computers for a long time.

Arc-shaped and Clear Girdle of Venus

The arc-shaped and clear Girdle of Venus, starting between index and middle fingers and ending between ring and little fingers, with no break is the best. People with such type of Ring of Venus are intelligent and of great sense of beauty, so it is often found on the palms of movie stars and artists.

If the Mount of Venus is raised in the meantime, it indicates lust and dissipated tendency; if the Mount of Venus is not obvious, it indicates a high virtue and a glorious name.

If the Heart Line is also well-defined, it implies fulfilling the expectation with the help of others; if the Heart Line is ill-defined, it implies emotional setbacks and falling into temptation.

Straight Girdle of Venus

The straight Girdle of Venus close to the Heart Line is also regarded as the financial line which indicates the good luck for windfall and unexpected fortune. People with the obvious line are good at financial management and suitable for cashier, accountant and other jobs and can get both fame and wealth; people with the unclear and messy line tend to have poor luck for wealth and be busy with life all day.

Wavy Girdle of Venus

If the Girdle of Venus is in waves, it indicates nervousness, sentimentality, pessimistic personality, failure in bearing stimulus, over-dependence on others and indecisive attitude.

Multiple Rings of Venus

People with multiple Rings of Venus are very curious and inquisitive on anything; they are eager to do well in everything and sometimes deliberately to make things look mysterious. People with multiple parallel and clear rings are sentimental, well organized and promising; people with disorderly rings are fickle in affection, have poor self-control and tend to fail because of bad habits.

Broken Ring of Venus

People with broken Ring of Venus are charming yet unfaithful in a relationship and often change about; they can share weal but no woe, thus the typical dangerous lover.

People with the broken Ring of Venus in the middle are sentimental and amorous.

Short Ring of Venus

People with short Ring of Venus are suspicious, inflexible and irresolute, lack of security and split hairs.

Close to the Heart Line

If the Girdle of Venus is too close to the Heart Line, it indicates being addicted to love and pessimistic; if the Ring of Venus is clear and intact, it implies the good development; it the Girdle of Venus is shallow and messy, it indicates getting hurt in love and personal financial losses.

Connect with Heart Line

If the Heart Line reaches to the area between the index and middle fingers and intersects with the Girdle of Venus, it indicates being obsessive, going astray and loss of wealth and fame. Although people with this kind of line are smart, they tend to be ruined by their own wisdom, unyielding and have bad habits but will lead a smooth life in later years. Also, they are enthusiastic, over-dependent on others and implicated by the friends made carelessly.

Connect with Marriage Line

If the Ring of Venus reaches to the Mount of Mercury and intersects with the marriage line, it implies the unstable marriage vulnerable to the third party or stepping in the relationship of others. If the Head Line is defective, it suggests the uncontrollable lust and gullibility.


If the Ring of Venus has an island, it implies the late marriage; otherwise, the early marriage will lead to pessimistic temperament and non-healing disease. Though the people are enthusiastic and generous, they are often irrational and swayed by emotions.

Hair-shaped Girdle of Venus

If the Girdle of Venus is hair-shaped at the end, it indicates the ambitious, playful and pessimistic personality and difficulty in accomplishing high-flying career; if the whole Ring of Venus is hair-shaped, it suggests the fickle tendency will get more serious with the age, and the failure to make great achievements and take the consuming desires under control.

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