Ring of Solomon


Hello, i have girble of venus index finger to little finger like half moon shape and my heart line is really long little finger to index finger in the end. So there’s a straight line under index finger 2 inch is connecting to my venus and heart line. There is another line from middle finger right side goes down to head and life and over 2 inch near my thumb finger, when the line goes down between heart and life gap makes a fish sign. My head and life are together til 30 but from start are those lines are separate 2 inch. I hope this one better details thanks

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Hi Hy tuong luong,

You are introverted, prudent and thoughtful, have a strong sense of beauty and talent in art and creation. You are intelligent, intuitive and mysterious; like to study all kinds of mystery science, have the keen sixth sense and the strong communicative ability, and thoroughly understand the human nature; also, you are talented in art and can get a position of authority.

The fish sign symbolizes a beautiful, noble and rich wife and harmonious marriage relationship. If you are a man with such a sign, your wife will help you a lot on your official career and wealth.
Thank you. I heard some people said that to me when i was young 20s. Its always timing to come

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