Ring of Saturn in Palmistry

What is Ring of Saturn in Palmistry?

Located at the Mount of Saturn, Ring of Saturn is the short semi-circle line which surrounds the middle finger at the base. People owning this line usually don’t know how to enjoy life, are inclined to be biased against some persons, gloomy in most times, and even more likely to commit suicide. 

Ring of Saturn Meaning

Ring of Saturn is an inauspicious line which represents imprisonment, constraint, difficulty, obstacle, frustration and so on, and indicates you will be constrained by environment to display your ability. Though you people with such a line are quite clever, you are solitary, cruel, selfish, narrow-minded and prejudiced, and lack of delight in life. Also, you are quiet and strange-tempered, and often lost in meditation and fantasy, yet lack of research and practice spirit. Generally, your words are not matched by deeds and you talk more but do less, thus find it hard to make practical achievements. Usually, you are heavy-hearted and don't like to interact with others, thus fail to get help, live a hard life and even commit suicide. If you have the Ring of Saturn and the short head line, it indicates you are more weird and lonely.

In terms of health, you people with the Ring of Saturn are prone to hot temper, mastopathy, hepatopathy, and neuropathy. You may suffer ametropia, myopia and other eye diseases.

Analysis of Ring of Saturn

If the Ring of Saturn is clear and deep (A), it indicates you are intelligent, quiet and unwilling to declare your opinions on anything. Despite the high ideal, you lack of persistence and often fail to achieve the ideal; or you are self-willed and deaf to friends' advice, thus have few intimate friends, poor relationship with relatives, commit mistakes repeatedly and fall into the abyss of sin. Generally, the ring is seen on the palms of criminals and suicides.

If the Ring of Saturn is shallow and unclear (B), it indicates you are uncommunicative and eccentric, like living alone but dislike accepting the good intentions of others. You will find it hard to get married. However, it is better than the clear and deep line prescribed above and you won't commit a crime or suicide.

If the Ring of Saturn is broken (C), it indicates the less serious influence and you won't have big troubles if the head line is good and the thumb is strong.

If the Ring of Saturn is not a semi-circle but a fork (D), the head line is ill-defined and the thumb is weak, it indicates you are opinionated, pessimistic, unsociable and eccentric and cannot withstand the great setbacks. Also, you often come to nothing and offend others, may die of accident or commit suicide.


Though the Ring of Saturn is an inauspicious line, only a few people have such a line while the clear and well-defined line is even less seen. Take it easy if you have the ring. As long as you improve the self-cultivation, broaden your mind, maintain an optimistic mood, communicate with others more, avoid going into a dead end, have more empathy and tolerance and change your personality, the ring will get shallow and disappear.

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