Does Removing Bad Moles Change Fate?

Generally speaking, hidden moles are good while open moles are bad. Many people choose to have the bad moles removed. Will one's fate change with mole removal? Does removing a bad mole change fate?

Does Removing Bad Moles Change Luck?

A bad mole is harmful to one's career, wealth, love relationship, family and children. If possible, the bad moles should be removed, so as to improve the personal fate to a certain extent. This may not be true but removing a bad mole does improve one's physical form and psychological confidence. Once a person is full of confidence, there will be an opportunity to change. Moreover, some of the big and dark moles can cause skin cancer and they are harmful to health, thus should be removed early to prevent disease in advance.

Classification of Moles

In Chinese mole reading, a bad mole can be either open or hidden. The former refers to the visible moles which are called bad moles on face, while the latter refers to those on the hip, chest or other parts that are not exposed. For the sake of good looking, the open moles can be removed, while the hidden moles, which are invisible, can be either removed or not. Besides, many mole reading charts on the market or online are inaccurate, so the good moles are not necessarily good and vice versa. If you think the mole on your face is not good looking, just take it easy and remove it. There's nothing to be afraid of.

Importance of Moles

Mole reading is an important part of face reading. It is said that some fortune-tellers can tell fortune from moles with much accuracy while some would find no way to tell fortune once there are no moles on face. It shows how important mole reading is in Chinese face reading. Most of mole removal is for the sake of good looking. But some people follow the fortune-teller's advice of removing the bad moles to seek good luck and peace. Mole removal does make the face much more pretty. But whether it can remove ill fortune is a matter of opinion.