Is Feng Shui scientific or superstitious?

Legend goes that Feng Shui was founded by the Goddess Jiutian Xuannu and the comparatively perfect Feng Shui was originated from the Warring States period (475 - 221 BC). Feng Shui is greatly used not in the old times but also in modern life. The early Feng Shui was mainly about the site selection, direction, construction methods and principles of palaces, residences, villages and graveyards. It is also a science of choosing the proper places. As is known to all, in Chinese history, the emperors in each dynasty like to choose a good Feng Shui place to build their palace and also one for tomb. In today's society, Feng Shui is mostly used in architecture design, city planning, house site choosing, decoration and arrangement in daily life. For example, when people buy a house they like to check if its location is good in Feng Shui. When decorating it, they would like to paint the wall with the right color, choose the proper furniture and ornaments and locate them in the right location. If they open a business, they like to use Feng Shui principle to choose an office or store with the good location to them. In addition, when move house or open business, they usually choose an auspicious date for good Feng Shui. Feng Shui theory is also applied when choose a name for business.
There are quite a few comments and disputes about Feng Shui. Some people think that Feng Shui is a comprehensive science of China and it integrates the time-honored observation into environment, geography, health, etc.; some people believe that Feng Shui is an old superstition which hinders the creativity of Chinese people in architecture design, interior design, etc.
Feng Shui consists of superstitious Feng Shui and natural Feng Shui. The former has no scientific basis while the latter has scientific basis which can be verified through the practice. Pseudo Feng Shui is a cultural phenomenon which cannot solve the practical problems. For example, the corrupt officials worship the Buddha Statue but they are still arrested; the poor worship the Buddha Statue but they still cannot become the millionaire. Most of the widely popular Feng Shui culture in the society is the Feng Shui superstition while the real scientific Feng Shui requires the meticulous design of Feng Shui masters, such as the Feng Shui design of the house and the hotel. With the Feng Shui design, the aura field pattern can be changed to help people to get rid of some diseases, change the mood, pursue good fortune and avoid disaster, get promoted and make a fortune, etc.