Feng Shui Garden Plants

Planting Principles of Courtyard Plants

Plant is one of the design elements in the family garden. The planting of Feng Shui plants in the garden has strict rules and requires the consideration of space size, planting location, vegetation selection and so on. What are the proper Feng Shui plants for the family garden? Let's check the planting principles of courtyard plants.

Tips and Taboos for Trees

Trees are highly regarded in Feng Shui because they can exorcise evil spirit and purify the bad Feng Shui site. But the soil improvement is required for fertility and flourishing Qi, so that the plants will grow well and bring vitality and prosperity to your family.
Selection of Trees

For most houses, the relationship between trees and house is just like clothes to the body. Clothes can guard against the cold while trees can block the evil spirit. The auspicious trees which can bring prosperity or block the evil spirit shall be selected. In addition, the local plant survival condition, implied meaning, shape, color and fragrance shall also be taken into consideration.
● The thorny trees may generate evil spirit, thus not suggested in the garden.
● The bending or strange shaped trees are adverse to Feng Shui. For example, the withered, hollow, vine crawled or tilted trees are inauspicious, which requires judging the auspicious or ominous trees from the appearance.

● In Feng Shui, vine plants belong to Yin and symbolize trouble, dispute and mental disorder, thus not suggested. However, they are loved by people due to their unique ornamental and shading features. While the vine plants are used, they should be planted a little far away from the house.
The leaf shape and the tree height shall be taken into consideration. The vigorous trees with big leaves can create good Feng Shui effect.
● The family with a pregnant woman shall not plant cypress, or it will make her feel sick easily.
● The energy field of banyan tree is harmful to people since it can absorb Yin, thus should not be planted near the bedroom.
● The big gardens do not have too many restrictions in terms of vegetation selection. The small gardens, however, shall not choose the big trees or too many kinds of plants; otherwise, the garden will seem disorderly.

Planting Location

● Generally, the more trees you plant the better. However, the place with too much Yin shall not have too many big trees, or the Yin will be increased.
● Trees, especially the big one, beside the house affect your fortune invisibly. The house under the big trees cannot get enough sunshine, which is adverse to absorb Yang and easy to lead thunder fire.
● The courtyard center shall not have trees, or the unfavorable situation of Yin occupying the Yang place will be formed.
● The trees shall not face the door directly, or the house owner will get sick easily and have the health badly affected. If the front door has a big tree in front, the vitality flowing into the house will be divided into two, leading to the inharmonious airflow and affecting the peace of the family.
● The trees in front of a window will be adverse to ventilation and lighting.
● The direction of street trees and hedges of the garden shall not face towards the house, or it will take the evil spirit into the house, thus adverse to live.
In short, the garden edge near the villa shall have fewer trees but flowers and plants so as not to affect the flow of "vitality"; the other three edges shall be densely planted with trees except the passageway. In this way, the "vitality" will not flow outside while the external evil spirit will be blocked from entering into the villa. In addition, it creates proper isolation with the outside world and protects the owner's privacy to some extent.


Flowers can also bring vitality and energy to house; the proper flowers may also create good Feng Shui effect. If you cultivate and take care of the flowers elaborately, they will have strong Feng Shui effect. Besides, the color and shape of flowers also affect the energy and vitality of the house. The withered flowers, of course, have negative impact. In terms of garden Feng Shui, the thorny flowers shall not be selected.