Five Types of Eyes

Long Eyes: Those who have long eyes are meticulous, clever and adept at scheming. With a calm attitude, they never pose pretentiously and can generally accomplish something. Usually, they are the nice guys living a peaceful life without too many twists and turns.
Round Eyes: People with round eyes are shrewd, cheerful and sentimental, have wide interests but often fail due to the lack of thinking. They are smart, sensitive, adaptable, positive, pragmatic, good at self-expression and highly sociable. This kind of people like romantic things but are easily tempted by the outside world, possessive and opportunistic.

Drooping Canthus: Those who have drooping canthus boast excellent observation and cautious personality and they are thoughtful, mild and moderate, thus the outstanding assistants. If the canthus is overly drooping, however, it will be unfavorable as it indicates indecision and hesitation.
Cocking-up Canthus: People with cocking-up canthus are active, quick-witted, straightforward, and good at seizing the moment and giving play to their advantages timely. They are confident and extremely optimistic yet inconsiderate, and sometimes arrogant and blow their own horn, making others dislike, even quarrel with them. 
Slim and Cocking-up Canthus: People with slim and cocking-up canthus, known as phoenix eye (丹凤眼) in physiognomy, are sentimental, charming and widely popular among the opposite sex. They are sensitive, curious, highly apprehensive, and talented in aesthetics and study.

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