Two Different Types of Pixiu - Male and Female

Pi Xiu, capable of money drawing and exorcising evil spirits, has been a popular auspicious creature since ancient times and everyone wishes to be blessed by it. Nowadays, more and more people choose to have a Pi Xiu. If you like Pi Xiu, you must have noticed that its head may face different directions. Then, what's the meaning of each orientation?

In ancient times, there were male and female Pi Xiu. The male was named Pi while the female Xiu and they had different meanings. The male Pi Xiu was for money drawing while the female for wealth preserving. According to the folklore, Pi represents luck for wealth while Xiu symbolizes wealth house. Since wealth shall be preserved in house, many people would collect a pair of Pi Xiu to bring in wealth and treasure.

If you choose to have only one Pi Xiu, either male or female one will be fine and it doesn't matter to head it left or right. If you buy a pair of Pi Xiu for your partner and you, there will be rules on the head orientation.

Since you have known the definition of left and right orientation of Pi Xiu's head, then what is the significance of distinguishing the male and the female? By distinguishing the male and the female, you will get better effect of money drawing and wealth gathering with Pi Xiu: the male is for gobbling up gold and drawing money while the female for gathering money in the wealth house; they take charge of different work and cooperate with each other to improve master's luck for wealth in a more stable way and positive cycle. As an auspicious animal, Pi Xiu, male and female together, can absorb the energy of heaven and earth and connect each other. This shows that there are rules to be observed when wearing a pair of Pi Xiu. You'd better wear a pair of Pi Xiu with your partner or place such a pair at home. Couples usually have the similar spirit and matching magnetic field due to the company for years. As a result, a pair of Pi Xiu for your partner and you will be more effective for your fortune.

How to Tell Male or Female Pi Xiu?

The left or right orientation of Pi Xiu does have different meanings, provided that it is a pair. In other words, the orientation is meaningful unless you buy a pair of Pi Xiu. While determining the head orientation of Pi Xiu, you need to identify the reference object first. In general, the tail of Pi Xiu shall be the reference. Face its tail and check which side its head leans. It's said that male Pi Xiu leans left while the female right.

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