Sixteen Types of Noses and Their Meanings

1. People with big noses are decisive, energetic, bold and talented, with a little speculative mentality. They are brainy and willing to work hard. They have a strong sense of self-esteem, value power, make plenty of friends and love to appear decent and spare no effort in the pursuit of wealth.

2. People with small noses are thoughtful and sensitive, conservative, calm, hesitant and less ambitious. Their fortunes in middle age are relatively mediocre. Men with such eyes need to work harder at work, and women are slightly late bloomers in marriage and love. 
3. People with large nostrils are straightforward, magnanimous, tolerant, warm and generous to others, as well as charitable. They often spend a lot, and their ability to save and store wealth is a little weak. However, they are not too calculating and petty in personality. If the nose is small and with too much nostril exposed, they are supposed not to make guarantees for others in their lifetime so as to avoid financial troubles
4. People with small nostrils (nostrils not exposed when viewing from the front) are good at keeping their money, but they are also somewhat egoistic. They are  more practical, very ambitious to make money, able to be thrifty, but they are slightly lack of magnanimity.
5. People with a wide nose bridge are energetic, ambitious, motivated and strong-willed. They are not afraid of hardship and obstacles. They like to make friends and spare no effort in everything. They are courageous in pursuing their ideals, and have the personality of not giving up until they reach their goals.
6. People with narrow bridge of the nose are cautious, careful but not bold enough. However, they are straightforward and noble. In the daily lives, they often focus on their work and they are not very good at interpersonal communication. Women's nose bridge is a sign of their husband. If the bridge of the nose is thin and the tip of the nose is pointed, then their marriage luck is not good.
7. People with curved nodes on the bridge of the nose are aggressive, arrogant, stubborn, suspicious and scheming. They like novel things and love to compete with others. They do not easily compromise. They have a strong sense of self-defense, and they are quite proud and arrogant. 
8. People with a straight concave line in the center of the nose tip are volatile in emotion, but they are creative and imaginative. They are quite emotional and susceptible in everything. They do things spontaneously and often act according to their own preferences, and they don’t like to be bound by any restrictions. Women who have this type of nose are better to get married late.
9. People with a droopy nose are witty, cheerful and talkative. They often have a good sense of humor, but they are also good at hiding their inner world, so that others cannot understand their personality or shortcomings. If they are in adversity or trouble, their frustrations are often known to only themselves.
10.  People with the large nose and plump nose wings are often nosy and inquisitive. However, they are often warm-hearted and kindhearted, and they are blessed with good fortune throughout their lives. However, if the nose wings are uneven, they should be cautious to avoid financial losses arising from improper speculation. If they are with big nose and small nose wings, then such people tend to enjoy solitude.
11. People with long noses have the ability to think independently, but they are often indecisive because they think too much. They do not like to reveal their thoughts, and they attach more importance to the fullness in spiritual life. They have a wide range of interests but they are quite conservative. They are stable and lonely, and they have the traits of endurance.
12. People with short noses have a dexterous mind, but they often make mistakes due to impulsiveness and impatience. They are often lack of orientation and goals. As such, they should do everything after careful consideration, so as not to suffer great loss due to small things. In mid-life, men should not invest rashly and should seek stability. For women, it is advisable to prevent setback in the relationship with their spouses.  
13. People with a high bridge of the nose have a strong sense of purpose. They like to make their own decisions in everything. They like to show off and have the strong urge to act. Although they are proud and ego-centric, they are also pioneering and pragmatic.
14. People with flat noses are simple-minded, less active and less determined. They are often dependent, and are easily tempted and manipulated by others. Men with flat noses are difficult to succeed in starting up a business in their middle age. So, they are advised to engage in stable jobs. Women with flat noses often have troubles in marriage.
15. People with short noses and upturned nose tips (commonly known as “skyward nose”) are curious in personality. They are lack of self-reflection and often act rashly. They are often in troubles throughout their lives. So, they should be cautious in selecting and making friends.  They are prone to be deceived or troubled by others. In their middle age, life is full of worries and troubles, and it is difficult for them to accumulate wealth.
16. People with a prominent middle bridge of the nose (commonly known as a hawk's nose) are tough and tenacious in personality. They are persistent, with high self-esteem, resourceful, calculating, creative and action-oriented and courageous in pursuit of ideals, hence an obvious individualist.