Chinese Zodiac With Best Financial Luck In Nov. 2021

It is important for most of us to have a solid material foundation. How to make own our financial road all the way smoothly has become a question that everyone of us must consider. Which Chinese zodiac animal signs will have an amazing good luck in wealth in November 2021?


In the Chinese zodiac, the Rat and the Ox are in a “Liu He” (Six Harmonies) relationship. As such, in 2021, Rats will have a very luck all the year around.  In November, the Rats have an outstanding performance in wealth.  Their life in will be much easier and relaxed this month than usual. At the same time, under the influence of the Six Harmories with Tai Sui (the Grand Duke Jupiter), they will encounter a variety of surprises and good things in life in November, making their lives easier and relaxing. The Rats will have the best financial luck in November. 


People born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Snake will also have a good luck this month. The zodiac snake is also very lucky this month. Basically, as long as they work hard, they will soon be able to get equivalent or extra returns. There will be a lot of opportunities to make money and they need to grasp. No matter what industries, there will be opportunities to make a fortune. In investment or financial management, they will certainly be able to have a bumper return. Additionally, with the help of the patrons, they will see a flux of substantial wealth. Office workers will work smoothly, get salary raise and promotion in the workplace. The career development will drive financial luck, get more salaries and bonuses.


The Roosters will rank the third place in financial luck this month. This is mainly due to the fact that the Rooster and the Ox form a San He (Three Harmonies) compatibility, which will have a certain strengthening effect on their own fortunes. On the other hand, it is because the compatibility of the  Earthly Branch  and the Five Elements- “Chou Tu(丑土)“ and “You Jin(酉金)”. The compatibility of earth and gold is a sign for producing wealth, which will greatly help promote the financial luck from their full-time business. If the Roosters can grasp the opportunity this month, then their material life in the year will be greatly improved this year, and life will be much easier.


People born under the Chinese zodiac animal sign of the Pig will have a good overall development in November. They can reap a lot of windfalls, and their cost is not much. So, they can save a lot of money. Their health fortune will be improved. Both the physical and mental state will be very good. They will have a pleasant mood and encounter many happy things. With the support and help of the patrons, their career development will be easier and smoother than before. If the Pigs work harder, there will be opportunities for promotion and salary increase this month.