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I already browsed a lot of palmistry articles even before this site but I just can't find it. I thought the lines could be minor ones but they don't fall under there either.

For the sign, I only have one to ask. It's in my left palm. I have a literal pentagram / five pointed star under my ring finger. It's not an asterisk one (*). Can it still have the same meaning as a star?

For the lines, there are two of them in my right palm which I can't identify.

(1) Just a little away from my life line, starting a little at the base of my palm, there's a dark line going up, but it stops/fades as it touches my life line.

(2) There's a branch from my health (?) line so it forms a "Y" shape, and it's stretching to right under my middle finger (saturn? mount). As it goes there it's darkening and it has a six pointed star (asterisk) in the middle. Also, it's in the middle of my broken girdle of venus.

I hope someone could answer my question. I was just curious. I'm new to all of this and I just wanted to find out.

Thank you very much to anyone that will answer. :)

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Yes, five pointed star have the same meaning as a star.

(1)Does it has the same direction of health line or just opposite to the health line?
(2)It's fate line for you. The star on the fate line suggests the change of fate, even the disaster or the death of parents. Your fate line indicates a smooth career fortune during your later age.
Hi Kendy, thank you for answering! :)

1) No it's opposite my health line. My health line goes to right under my pinky finger.

2) But I already have a fate line. It even starts from the mount of moon, it's broken in the middle but is enclosed with a square, broken again after that and stretches under my middle finger, touching my girdle of venus.

Um so the line before my life line (actually it's under it) -- is that another fate line? Can people have three fate lines??

I'm sorry XD

and thank you again so much.
(1)It should be the travel line for you. It indicates you will leave home to develop elsewhere and more likely to die abroad. If you are a woman, you will be more likely to marry faraway, have a poor relationship with parents-in-law and live with your husband separately.

(2)You have double fate line. It shows you have opportunities to do part-time job, or to create and invest in a second career, and dare to do it!
Oh wow, that's crazy. Thank you so much for answering again :3

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