Mounts in Between the Bases of Fingers


I realized that the the mounts on my palms are not exactly at the base of my fingers as comparing them with the articles but prominent between the middle and ring finger and between the middle and small finger.

Can anyone please advise what these mounts would mean?

I am assuming these are what others call the Apollo-Saturn (or Saturn/Sun?) Mount and the Apollo-Mercury (Sun/Mercury?) Mounts.

Thanks for your advice.


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Hi Dale,

They are merged mounts.

If you have a Apollo-Saturn Mount, there is a good chance that you will have what it takes to achieve a large amount of success in your life. You will get the things you want on your own terms. Those with a Saturn/Sun Mount usually end up running their own businesses as they generally do not like making money for others! However, you usually want others to listen to your words which may cause conflicts in life.

Having a Sun/Mercury Mount will be natural born speakers and influencers. You can talk yourself in and out of any situation imaginable. If you run your own business, you shine on social media. If not, you would do well in the tech sector. However, you’re not very good at listening to others opinions.

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