How to Know If You Are Healthy Through Checking the Palm Mounts?

The palm contains the information of life and health. According to the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), one's health can be told by reading the palm mounts. Palmistry has been used for diagnosing diseases for a long history. The earliest records of disease diagnosing by palmistry can be found in the oracle bone inscriptions. Then how to know if you are healthy through checking the palm mounts? 

Diseases Controlled by the Mounts on Palm

The Mount of Luna is in charge of mental illness, women's disease, edema, obesity, body odor, peritonitis, dampness, and cold syndrome. 
The Mount of Venus is in charge of kidney disease, stomach disease, kidney deficiency, allergy, and dampness.
The Mount of Mars is in charge of inflammation, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, and fever.
The Mount of Jupiter is responsible for hepatobiliary disease, dizziness, stroke, mass formed by blood stasis, and rheumatism.
The Mount of Saturn is in charge of biliary disease, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, depression, osteoporosis, and cold disease.
The Mount of Apollo is in charge of the heart and blood circulation diseases.
The Mount of Mercury rules the nervous system, hearing, language, bipolar disorder, and rheumatism.

Health Diagnosis thru Mount Thickness and Lines

The mounts of palm are named after the planets belonging to metal, wood, water, fire and earth as well as the names of Eight Diagrams, because what the mounts represent are associated with the Five Elements. Good palm mounts are supposed to be thick, bulging and rosy.
Mount of Venus
Located at Gen (the base of the thumb) and belonging to the Earth element, the Mount of Venus represents the function and vitality of spleen, stomach and digestive system. The bulging black or blue veins at the lower Mount of Venus indicate the poor digestive function and stomach illness. If you have messy lines on the Mount of Venus, you will be vulnerable to diseases of reproductive system. The feathery lines here suggest the possible nervous system disease while the color of dark clouds at the lower Mount of Venus implies the poor digestive function.
Mount of Jupiter
Located at Xun (the base of the forefinger) and belonging to the Wood element, the Mount of Jupiter shows the function of stomach, liver and gall. A low, flabby and bloated Mount of Jupiter with messy lines suggests you are vulnerable to diseases of stomach and hepatobiliary system. Also, the Mount of Jupiter corresponds to heart and liver. If it is bloated and has messy lines or bad signs, you will be susceptible to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Mount of Mercury
Located at Kun (the base of the little finger) and belonging to the Earth element, the Mount of Mercury symbolizes reproductive and respiratory functions. If it has chaotic lines, you will be prone to develop diseases of the digestive system.
Mount of Mars
Belonging to the Wood element, The Mount of Inner Mars or Mars Positive is located at Zhen (palm side, between the Mounts of Jupiter and Venus) and it represents sexual desire, renal function, reproductive and urinary function. The Mount of Outer Mars or Mars Negative is located at Dui (palm side, between the Mounts of Mercury and Luna) and it represents kidney and respiratory system. Well-developed Inner Mars and Outer Mars suggest the strong sexual desire. If your Inner Mars and Outer Mars have messy lines and poor color, you will be vulnerable to diseases of reproductive, urinary and respiratory systems. The Outer Mars cut by straight lines implies a poor respiratory system while a circular mark on the Outer Mars indicates possible visual impairment.
Plain of Mars
Located at Ming Tang in the center of the palm and belonging to the Fire element, the Plain of Mars represents internal heat, brain, nervous centralis and blood circulation system functions. The dark Plain of Mars suggests the recent incidence of a disease. If it is warm and rosy, you must have rising internal heat and suffer from vegetative nervous dysfunction or chronic wasting disease. If it is cold and pale, you must suffer from insufficiency of the spleen and the kidney or have a weak blood circulatory system, and poor endocrine, spleen and stomach functions. The exuberance of internal heat means the hyperactivity of Yang, which will lead to yellow coating on the tongue, hand tremor, red face and tinnitus. Too little internal heat means the deficiency of Yang, which will lead to bluish white coating on the tongue, blood cold, uterus cold and difficulty in getting pregnant.
Mount of Saturn
Located at Li (the base of the middle finger) and belonging to the Fire element, the Mount of Saturn is in charge of heart and blood circulation system. A star sign here suggests you are prone to hypertension. Also, the Mount of Saturn indicates the nervous system function. If it is bloated and has messy lines, you will be vulnerable to nervous system disease, hemorrhoids, paralysis and other diseases.
Mount of Apollo
Located at Li (the base of the ring finger) and belonging to the Fire element, the Mount of Apollo represents the optic nerve, sensory and locomotive organs. If there are miscellaneous lines and an island sign here, you will be prone to develop neurasthenia and eye disease. The Mount of Apollo indicates sensory and cardiac functions, and messy lines here suggest you will be susceptible to neurasthenia, aneurysm, heart disease, visual neurasthenia and other diseases.
Mount of Neptune
Located at Kan (the center of the palm base) and belonging to the Water element, the Mount of Neptune represents kidney, urinary, reproductive and endocrine functions. If the Mount of Neptune is crossed by an oblique line at the end of the Life Line, you will probably suffer from infertility or anovulation characterized by gonads disorder, short thumb, wide and short fingernails, and mean stature. If there are three blue veins stretching here from the wrist, you may also suffer from the diseases mentioned above.
Mount of Luna
Located at Qian (below the Mount of Outer Mars and on the base of the palm) and belonging to the Metal element, the Mount of Luna suggests respiratory, renal, bladder and gynecological diseases and it corresponds to the nervous system. Messy lines here suggest you are vulnerable to neurasthenia, visual deterioration, gout and other diseases. If there is a long and deep vertical line running at your Mount of Luna, you will be susceptible to numbness of limbs.