Grilles on Palm

The grilles or the net signs are formed by the crossed lines on your palm and the sign often appears when your inner demand is unsatisfied yet you are longing for it. Of course, the grilles at different parts have different meanings and can be either auspicious or inauspicious.

Grilles on Fingers

Grilles at the second knuckle of your thumb suggest you will make a fortune with your own efforts and hard work.
Grilles at the tip of your index finger indicate you will have good luck for wealth, make money easily and get good opportunities to make money whether as an office worker or businessman.
Grilles at the third knuckle of your middle finger mean you are selfish and stingy and tend to acquire wealth by saving.

Grilles on Mounts of Palm

On Mount of Jupiter
Grilles on the Mount of Jupiter suggest a strong desire for power. If the head line is in poor shape, it means you may suffer failure because of conceit and arrogance; if the head line is long and reaches to the Mount of Luna, it means you are agile-minded, adept in analysis, and eloquent, and will make certain achievements.

On Mount of Saturn
Grilles on the Mount of Saturn suggest you are fond of thinking, introverted, strong-minded yet keen on face-saving, and often get into depression once suffer setbacks.

On Mount of Apollo
Grilles on the Mount of Apollo indicate you like to show yourself, have keen economic intuition and you are enterprising, ambitious and money-minded. Many rich people have such a sign.

On Mount of Mercury
Grilles on the Mount of Mercury indicate you are shrewd, quick-witted and fortunate. If the grilles are found close to the marriage line, it means you are single and the grilles will disappear gradually once you get married. 

On Mount of Luna
Grilles on the Mount of Luna generally indicate you tend to suffer from depressive paranoia. If the head line goes downward to the Mount of Luna, the tendency will be even more obvious.

On Mount of Venus
Grilles on the Mount of Venus suggest you love to look good and you are amorous and very eager for other's love. If the whole Mount of Venus is covered by grilles, it means you often think too much and have to worry about many things.

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