What does the length of finger show?

Length of fingers has different meanings and they show a person’s personalities in palm reading.

Now, let’s take a look at what each finger reveals one by one by judging from its length.


A person with thick and solid thumbs may benefit from his/her parents. Those people always have a very practical money concept and they will not spend money on the things overemphasizing sensual pleasures, such as gorgeous clothes and food, which are not practical in their eyes. They have very simple demands for life and they are quite practical and promise-keeping rather than scheming.

A person with flat, thin, uneven and flexible thumbs always has the personality opposite to the one with thick and solid thumbs. Those people do not like the methodical rather than quick and convenient life; they are impatient and often seek for enjoyment.

The longer thumbs indicate the relatively smooth fortune, fast progress, academic excellence and strong body in youth with more love and care from the eldership. Those who have longer thumbs are more confident in career, more initiative in love and always desire for high-quality love and life.

Those who have shorter thumbs need to rely on their own efforts in youth; they are practical and down-to-earth in career and they often build up from nothing instead of showing off their wealth.

Index Finger

In palmistry, the index finger usually indicates a person's desire for domination, power and enterprise. Those with longer index fingers are always indomitable, aggressive and ambitious and it is easier for them to be in authority. If the index finger is as long as the middle finger, it is an indication that the person is tough, pushing and ostentatious. People of this type tend to earn more and also spend too much, so it is difficult for them to save money. Therefore, they need to control their squander, desire and consumption habit.

People with longer index fingers usually have higher life goal and stronger desire for power; they are enterprising and good at showing off in social communications, so they always have good interpersonal relationship and are fond of controlling others. Also, they have strong management ability and are willing to spend money for the one they love.

People with shorter index fingers are usually very jealous and they are always not convinced by the one stronger than them, so they are determined to surpass the opponent. Sometimes, they suffer from hardships in work but they are very approachable in love.

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Middle Finger

As the longest in the four fingers, the middle finger is a sign of a person's destiny; the rounder, straighter and longer, the better. It is since this kind of middle finger suggests the good destiny and the favorable result in career, wealth and marriage. If the middle finger is too short, oblique and leans to the index finger, it indicates that the person is persistent in work; if the middle finger leans to the ring finger, it indicates that the person is obsessed in family; if the middle finger is unevenly thick, it suggests that the person is impatient and impulsive. People of this type need to get their emotions under good control, otherwise it's easy for them to do things which are too late to regret.

If the middle finger is obviously longer than other fingers, it is an indication that the person will have a prosperous business and wealth and healthy body in middle age.

If the middle finger is relatively short and almost as long as other fingers, it is an indication that the person is impatient in work and always cannot insist on once he/she sees no hope from the work, so he/she often changes. People of this type usually have stable fortune; they tend to be trapped in love and care about any signs of trouble because they are deep in love.

Ring Finger

The ring finger stands for lover and family ties. If the ring finger leans to the middle finger, it indicates that the person is very responsible to the family and pays a lot to the family; it the ring finger leans to the little finger, it suggests that the person pays a lot to the children.

If the ring finger is as long as the middle finger, it is a sign of love for gambling. People of this type are always excited on hearing mahjong, horse racing and card playing. With a relatively keen feeling on winning and losing, they prefer the highly speculative financing methods and they are very happy to participate in the investment business like stock and real estate although they may not feel totally confident. Under the extreme situations, they will randomly lose the whole property and break the bank.

People with relatively long ring fingers always have unique insights on career and independent plans in work; they tend to implement the plan step by step and they are unlikely affected by external interference. Meanwhile, they have a strong sense of aesthetics and romantic feelings in love.
On the contrary, people with shorter ring fingers are always individualized and they prefer to be down-to-earth and steady rather than reaching for what is beyond their grasp, or speculating and risk-taking. In love, they tend to consider more about the real life, so their love is generally stable and their wealth will not change radically.

Little Finger

The little finger stands for children and younger generation. If the little finger is extremely short and bent, it is a sign of weak children and the person has to worry about the children instead of being proud of them.

In addition, the little finger also stands for wisdom, eloquence and art, and it is often called the second thumb by physiognomists. Almost without any exception, the little fingers of many successful people are always longer than the first knuckle line of their ring fingers. People with long, straight and round little fingers usually have very excellent work ability and social contact skills. If the little finger is bent and much lower than the first knuckle line of the ring finger, it is an indication that the person is unlikely to make achievements in fortune or finance.

The relatively long little finger is a sign of strong observation, excellent eloquence, aggressive career, and strong acquisitiveness in love as well as smooth fortune and healthy body in old age.

People with relatively short little fingers tend to be straightforward. They are honest and don't like to fool around in work, so they have stable wealth. Although they fall in love deeply, they are not good at language expression but very thoughtful for their loved ones.

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