Tiger's Fate by Birth Date

Best Birth Dates

Notice: The birth date mentioned in this article is based on the Chinese lunar Calendar. Please click Chinese Calendar and find out your day in the calendar or use the Chinese Calendar Converter on the page to find out your lunar birth date.

The Tiger people born in the 3rd, 4th, 11th, 16th, 23rd or the 27th day in Chinese lunar calendar are usually blessed with good luck and fortune during the whole life.

Destiny by Birth Date

Tiger people born on 1st day of Chinese lunar month: Intelligent, smart and lively, no relatives to rely on, estranged sibling, ordinary luck in youth and better luck in middle age.

Tiger people born in the 2nd day of a month: Lucky in youth, average in middle age, get along with others, helped by benefactors, limited support from family members, build up from nothing for a successful career.

Tiger people born in the 3rd day of a month: Talented and wise, sagacious and prominent, happy family and harmonious marriage.

Tiger people born in the 4th day of a month: Intelligent, blessed with happiness and richness, can get a good partner to grow old together.

Tiger people born in the 5th day of a month: Pretty, kind-hearted, righteous, limited family ties, promising future in a foreign land.
Tiger people born in the 6th day of a month: Painstaking early years, no relatives to rely on, rush about independently, good health, no sweet without sweat.
Tiger people born in the 7th day of a month: Enjoy happiness and richness, average luck in youth, good luck in middle age, recommended by others to achieve success.
Tiger people born in the 8th day of a month: Smart, weak-minded, poor working ability, good fortune in vain.
Tiger people born in the 9th day of a month: Mild by nature, hardworking and thrifty, poor luck in youth and more blessed in middle age.
Tiger people born in the 10th day of a month: Noble, experience more benefactors than villains, work easily, thriving family and career.
Tiger people born in the 11th day of a month: Pretty, dignified, gentle, virtuous, better luck in middle age, no shortage of money.
Tiger people born in the 12th day of a month: Males have to leave the hometown to get wealth and development; females have to work hard to get better development after middle age. 
Tiger people born in the 13th day of a month: Intelligent, proficient in poetry and literature, get fame and wealth in art field. 
Tiger people born in the 14th day of a month: No relatives to rely on, build up fortune from scratch independently, no sweet without sweat.
Tiger people born in the 15th day of a month: Clever yet self-willed and stubborn, plain relationship with family members.
Tiger people born in the 16th day of a month: Gain fame and wealth, good luck with the opposite sex, colorful life.
Tiger people born in the 17th day of a month: Toiling and unstable life with ups and downs, no friends and relatives to rely on, mixed luck.
Tiger people born in the 18th day of a month: Males marry a good wife, skilled, bold and blessed, limited advance before middle age, blessed later years, females are more blessed than males.
Tiger people born in the 19th day of a month: Intelligent, loyal, faithful, practical, average in the first half of life and rich in the second half.
Tiger people born in the 20th day of a month: Honest, tolerant, philanthropic, toiling in youth, unstable life with many minor illnesses.
Tiger people born in the 21st day of a month: Good luck in early youth, poor in later youth, bumpy and tired life, limited support from relatives, start from scratch.
Tiger people born in the 22nd day of a month: Weak-minded, undetermined, change jobs and dwellings frequently, hard youth and better luck in middle age.
Tiger people born in the 23rd day of a month: Wise, kind-hearted, powerful and wealthy.
Tiger people born in the 24th day of a month: No sweet without sweat, good fortune in middle age, success in sight, get fame and wealth.
Tiger people born in the 25th day of a month: Toilsome youth, blessed middle age with fame and wealth.
Tiger people born in the 26th day of a month: Ill-starred childhood, average teenage youth, poor luck in youth and no friends or relatives to rely on, better luck in later years.
Tiger people born in the 27th day of a month: Auspicious life with substantial help from benefactors, high-flying career, harmonious marriage, many children and grandchildren.
Tiger people born in the 28th day of a month: Unyielding yet lack of resourcefulness, many disputes and poor family ties.
Tiger people born in the 29th day of a month: Poor family ties, succeed in a foreign land, helped by benefactors, good fortune in middle and old ages, thriving family property.
Tiger people born in the 30 day of a month: Limited support from parents, run independently, inter-restriction in marriage, better to marry late, self-relied.