2015 Horoscope for the Dog

Years of the Dog: 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006. You can verify your zodiac sign by using the above Find Your Zodiac tool.

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Following are 2015 horoscope predictions for the Dog born in different years.

Horoscope for the Dog People born in 1946

Please note that the prediction is for people born between February 2, 1946 and January 21, 1947. If you were born before February 2, 1946, please consult the 1945 Chinese Zodiac, which is year of the Rooster.

In 2015, year of the Sheep, your finances would be not optimistic. Your fortune will fluctuate and be hard to predict. For businessmen, it’s not a good year for speculative ventures. For those with fixed incomes, you may have little effect this year. You would not so good physically in 2015. There may be problems with your teeth, respiratory system or intestines and stomach. Go out for a walk more and the reasonably balanced diet will be helpful to keep you a good health. In relationship, you would worry about your children much. If they go out for travel, moving to a new house or study away from home, your family could enjoy an auspicious year. In work, you will encounter many obstruction and challenges. As long as you can try hard to improve interpersonal relationship and put you all in work, you can see the sunshine after rain at the end of the year.

Horoscope for the Dog People born in 1958

Note: The prediction is for people born between February 18, 1958 and February 7, 1959.

There will be some twists and turns in your love life especially for the females. So, in 2015 you should maintain the love carefully in case of any incompatibility. The best months to get married are Chinese lunar months of February, May and August. Your general health would be excellent in 2015. However, you'd better to watch out your diet in case of suffering from an infectious disease at the beginning of the year. In your family, you should pay great attention to your children. In career, you shall face tough challenges. You will always feel depressed as you couldn't give full play to all your talents in work. There will be no financial challenge this year at the same time you couldn't get substantial incomes. If you could coin your brains, try some ways out of work to earn, you are likely to have a harvest year. But don't be a merchant on the make like the old saying 'the gentleman is avaricious, takes it to be correct.'

Horoscope for the Dog People born in 1970

Note: The prediction is for people born between February 6, 1970 and January 26, 1971.

You are ambitious this year. While, a hero with no place to display his prowess, you couldn't showcase your talent fully in 2015. You are suggested to have the mentality of calm and look before you leap when doing everything. It's a good year to invest and have your own business especially in Chinese lunar February, August and November. If cooperating with others, the people under the animal signs of the Tiger, Rabbit, and Horse are the best partners. Be careful that someone may make mischief and ruin anything for you. In love relationship, it's a perfect year for the single Dogs born in 1970 to find ideal partners for life. Those in loves, you have a high chance to get married this year. Physically, you may always feel uncomfortable with your throat. Less wine, greasy food and more soup will be a great help.


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Horoscope for the Dog People born in 1982

Note: The prediction is for people born between January 25, 1982 and February 12, 1983.

For the dog people born in 1982, your health condition will not be satisfactory in 2015. Because of your overloaded work, the gastrointestinal or digestive system problems may be more serious for you. It will be a quarreling year for you. It's inevitable to dispute with your colleagues. For the singles, it's not a lucky year to find your love. The married will have no big problem except some spat. In work, you could get some harvest but the result is based on your hard work. In 2015, lucky months for your career are lunar February, May, July, November and December. In financial aspect, it will fluctuate. Avoid large investment so as not to lose everything. Auspicious months for finance are February, May, July and December.


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Horoscope for the Dog People born in 1994

Note: The prediction is for people born between February 10, 1994 and January 30, 1995.

In general, it's unlucky in 2015 for the Dog born in 1994. Although you are hard in work, there is little hope to get a salary increase. There may some little men obstruct your cause. It's better to do your own work well and don't be reckless. Wealth for you will be average this year. It's said that the more ploughing and weeding, the better the crop. As you work hard, you can receive what you should get this year. In relationship, you are hot-blooded and easy to quarrel with others. Learn to control yourself and never act impulsively. You'd better maintain your relations carefully and never be fastidious to your love in case of incompatibility. In health, you should be especially careful in 2015. In June and August, be careful with the hurt from sharp tools. Also, beware of marine risk especially in March.



Horoscope for the Dog People born in 2006

Note: The prediction is for people born between January 29, 2006 and February 17, 2007.

The Dog children born in 2006 are sloppy and easy to make mistakes although you are very smart. It's advised that the parents should guide them in a correct way to exercise their talents well. For the Dog of 2006, you are bouncy and full of energy, easy to understand and assimilate new things. You can make great progress in academic record. 2015 is a year for you to conflict with others more easily. So, it's important to avoid being impulsive and you'd better think thoroughly before action. You may face some health issues in 2015. So, it's suggested to improve your exercises and diet controls in order to keep your health satisfactory. What' more, you must be doubly cautious when swimming during Summer time.

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