What Kind of Moles on Face Should be Removed?

Everyone wants a pretty face clear of annoying things, such as moles. Some people would choose to remove the moles from the face. However, moles can be good or bad. If a good mole is removed from your face, it can cause certain negative effects. On the contrary, a bad mole should be removed as soon as possible, otherwise it can be detrimental to your horoscope. Then, what kinds of moles on the face are bad and should be removed?

Moles Round Eyes

Those with moles round the eyes are somewhat sentimental, emotional and subject to violent mood swings. Since they are less sensible, they often follow a sudden impulse and regret in life for what they have done out of impulse. Nevertheless moles round eyes are not necessarily bad. Instead, this kind of moles usually suggests good luck in love, enormous charisma and great popularity among the opposite sex. Therefore, those with moles around eyes are unlikely to remain single. Such a mole can be removed after marriage, so as to stay away from the unfavorable relationship and to benefit the marriage life to some extent.

Moles on the Eyebrow Tail

In face reading, the part of eyebrow tail is called Marriage House. A mole here suggests lewdness, which is bad for wife or husband. Such a mole, just like a time bomb between couples, can cause incompatibility sooner or later. If you have a mole on the eyebrow tail, you'd better work out to remove it.

Moles on Nose

Moles on the nose can be very bad. Nose is the Wealth House in charge of one's wealth horoscope in face reading. A mole on the nose can bring a sudden windfall at first, but lead to money losses as time passes by. It is just like an opening in the treasury that leaks money out. If you have a mole on the nose, keep an eye on money losses. Of course, the best way is to remove it.

Moles on Lips

Moles on lips are not only ugly but also affect one's horoscope. Those with a mole on their lips are usually outspoken and enjoy a poor popularity, often offending others by saying something wrong in daily life. Meanwhile, such a mole suggests instant enthusiasm, no perseverance and little chance to achieve great things. People with such a mole are also selfish and go for personal interests first yet have bad luck or wealth. As a result, they tend to be under the pressure of material life, feel more and more depressed and irritable, and find it easy to quarrel with others. Therefore, moles on lips should be removed as early as possible.

In addition, moles above the upper lip on the sides of philtrum are particularly bad. If you have a mole on the left of the upper lip, you will goad and bandy words with the little minds; if you have a mole on the right of the upper lip, you will be well provided for yet have little chance to get rich.

Moles on Cheek Line

Moles on cheek lines adverse effects on personal horoscope. Generally speaking, those with a mole on cheek line are prone to little minds, making things go badly for their life and career. Besides, those with such a mole are usually stubborn, weird, morose and difficult to get along with, which is mainly caused by their inner insecurity and suspicious nature. As a result, they always hold a skeptical attitude towards people around and such a personality is of great harm for life, especially for love and relationship. For the sake of better horoscope, a mole here should be removed early.