Bad Moles on Face

The saying of ''moles on face are bad'' is not a groundless rumor. Face exemplifies one's image and tells one's horoscope in marriage, career, family, wealth, children and health. A pretty face clear of moles indicates a smooth life free from marked ups and downs while attention should be paid when there are moles on face. It does not mean all moles are bad but most of them are indeed not good. Then, what kind of moles is bad on face? What are bad moles on face?

Moles on Forehead

The middle of forehead is called ''Career House''. A mole here implies the career bedeviled with obstacles, setbacks and difficulties, such as the persnickety boss and the uncooperative colleagues.

Moles on Eyelashes

Generally, moles on eyelashes are barely detectable and bad for love relationship, indicating poor popularity with the opposite sex and a high chance of affairs. Such a mole is especially bad for health. Women with a mole on eyelash are prone to gynecological problems while men with such a mole are susceptible to kidney problems, especially in the middle age.

Moles between Eyebrows

The part between eyebrows is called Yintang or ophryon in face reading. A nice-looking mole here is good while a dark and noncircular mole here is bad. Those with a bad mole between eyebrows tend to lead a tough life, find a lot of setbacks and few opportunities in work and be bothered by many vile characters.

Moles between Brow and Eye

The part between brow and eye is where the Property House located. A mole between brow and eye indicates instability and uncertainty, whether in terms of family wealth or personal feelings. Such a mole may imply the disputes with people over property or the unstable relationship caused by erratic changeableness.

Moles on the White of Eye

Eyes are the windows of the soul. Those with a mole on the white of their eyes may suffer a lot in love. No matter how faithful they are to a relationship, it will end up with a breakup or divorce even if they get married.

Moles on Pouches

Those with a mole on the pouch are sentimental, bedazzled by love and bothered by many disputes in relationship. At the same time, this kind of moles can affect other aspects of horoscope, including children and wealth.

Moles on the Bridge of Nose

Nose is the symbol of wealth in face reading. A black mole on the bridge of nose implies personal financial losses in middle age and poor luck for money in daily life. Also, such a mole can affect one's health, especially the lung and respiratory system.

Moles on the Wings of Nose

Moles on the left wing (for men) and the right wing (for women) of nose suggest poor saving capability and bad luck for investment or windfall. Those with such a mole usually lose most of the gambling and tend to choose the short-term risky investment ending up with loss. For them, the best choice is to break even and go after the steady growth, or they will get nothing back.

Moles on Nose Tip

Those who have a mole on the nose tip are more likely to develop disgusting habits which can be harmful to personal fortune, and eventually lead to the failure of career and marriage.

Moles on Cheek

Cheek represents power in face reading. A mole here suggests potential mistakes in management. Those with a mole on cheek are unsuited to leadership, and less confident in love relationship. Even if they try to do everything, but things just far exceed their ability.

Moles on Philtrum

Moles on philtrum suggest bad luck in offspring and health. Women with a mole on the philtrum will have problems in fertility and poor luck in later years. Also, such a mole can be a sign of hidden trouble in health.

Moles on Lips

Those with a mole on the lip are prone to illicit love or love triangle. Moles on the upper lip imply a strong desire for sex. Those with a mole on the upper lip usually pursue the one they love and express their inner feelings with courage; they deny the bondage of traditional etiquette and would live for the moment rather than go after the long relationship. Strangely, they can get hurt easily in love. Those with a mole on the lower lip will hide the desire deep inside and hold a passive view of love, often frustrating their suitors; but once they are moved, they will gain the initiative and enjoy the relationship.

Moles in the Middle of Chin

A mole here suggests constant changes in life, especially the living and working environment. Those with such a mole often rush about and have to move soon to another place after settling down; once the change slows down, they cannot accommodate to it. In terms of health, those people are prone to heart diseases.