What Kind of Ears Do The Most Blessed People Have?

In life, the older generation often says that to see if a person has good fortune, you can look at the ears. As one of our five organs, the ear is a very important organ. Not only can the ears help us listen to the voice of the outside world, but they are also the part that can accumulate our good fortune. In physiognomy, we can see a person’s fortune from the appearance of his ears. So what kind of ears do the most blessed people have?

Thick Ears

If a person has fleshy, big and thick ears, this indicates longevity in physiognomy. If the whole ear is round, fleshy and thick, and the inner contour is good-shaped and firm, then people with such ear shape are often able to make a fortune with their own hands, and they have very good luck. People with such ears are good at socializing, and they know how to use the business style of successful people to run their own business, and they are good at dealing with all changes.

Broad Ears

The width of a person's ear antilobium (or tragus) can tell the person's magnanimity   and intelligence. Therefore, people with broad ears are generally broad-minded and magnanimous. People with such ears are very tolerant, broad-minded, cautious and steady. They can keep their heads clear no matter what they do and they can do things in a down-to-earth manner. People with broad ears are often very open-minded and have good fortune throughout their lives.

High-set Ears

High set ears mean that the ears are located on the head above the eyebrows and they are also with thick drooping earlobes. The overall shape of the ears looks like having been lifted up. People with high set ears tend to be smart and they have a strong comprehension ability and are more mature and stable than their peers. Therefore, people with such ears are usually the most outstanding one in the crowd, usually become famous as teenagers, and have a strong desire for knowledge. They are very adaptable and have good fortune throughout their lives.

Ears Resembling a Deer's Ear

If a person's ear helix is not obvious but has helix, the ears are slightly tilted forward, slightly red in color and delicate appearance, this kind of ear is called “deer ear”, which believed to be one of the most blessed ears. People with such ears are kind-hearted, loyal and affectionate. If someone around them needs help when they encounter difficulties, People with deer ears are kind-hearted, loyal and affectionate, and if someone around them is in trouble and needs help, they will definitely lend a helping hand, and they also have a good popularity.

Ears With Droopy Earlobes

People with droopy ears tend to have good innate brain power, intelligence and superb intelligence quotient. They are physically strong and have plenty of good luck in their life. They are blessed by their family since birth, and if they can focus on what they are good at, they will in all likelihood become successful and wealthy. Moreover, these people have strong willpower, and are easy to gain the trust of others. If they work harder, they will make greater achievements than others.

Ears Lying Close to the Head

If the ears grow close to the head and do not open outward, it is called "ears closely in contact with the brain", and it would be the best if the ears are invisible seen from the right front in physiognomy. Such people are good at creating wealth and managing it well, so that they can live a rich life. People with such ears also have good luck in getting favors from patrons, and when they encounter difficulties, they can easily get help from patrons, so they can do things smoothly and successfully.

Large Ears, Symmetrical with the Nose

If the upper edge of the ear is higher than the eyebrow, and the lower part (the earlobe) of the ear is higher than the nose’s highest point or tip, such ears are considered as big ears, and vice versa for small ears. Additionally, they should also be symmetrical with the nose in size. Rather than big ears and small nose, the compatible one should be big ears and big nose. Ears higher than the eyebrows is a symbol of good fortune. People with such ears tend to be rich and famous. Both men and women with such ears have strong financial management skills, know how to invest, and have the potential to become rich. Such people are also very gregarious and popular, and there are patrons throughout their life. Especially after middle age, they will become wealthy and prosperous, smooth and healthy.