I'm an Earth Tiger (Aquarius), am I compatible with a Fire Ox (male Aquarius)?


I'm pretty much carefree, introvert, and a hopeless romantic. I prefer dominating men too and based on my research, Fire ox men tend to be like that. I do enjoy my "me" times but I'm very loyal to those who are close to me. Never have I broken a relationship/friendship. Its always me who gets cut off and I am definitely not the type who would cheat. I wonder if this appeals to a Fire Ox male? Ox and tigers aren't well compatible according to the Chinese Zodiac. Aqua x Aqua works they say.

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You are okay but not so compatible with each other in Chinese zodiac. You have little in common. You may come together because of novelty. Perhaps both of you make great efforts for your love, but you can't truly understand each other eventually. The male ox likes to explore wider areas continuously, but the female tiger is only interested in her small social circle. The male ox can't bear the female tiger's indifference to the outside world and is often made anger by the female tiger's randomness and low self-control. Also, the female tiger considers that the male ox is too ambitious and stubborn and is often hurt by his relentlessness.

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