How to Choose an Auspicious Wedding Date?

Things to Consider When Setting Your Wedding Date

Auspicious wedding date refers to a favorable day for a pair of unmarried man and woman to hold the wedding. If you hold the wedding in such a day, you will enjoy a happy and harmonious marriage. Of course, this kind of induction force is invisible, just like the magnetic induction line which can be observed by using the fine iron filings although invisible. Then, how to choose the wedding date?

Double Spring and Leap Month
The year with Double Spring or Leap Month is auspicious for wedding. If the year has both Double Spring and Leap Month, it will be even better!

Double Spring means the year has two Beginning of Spring (立春, one of the 24 solar terms) at the beginning and end of that year respectively. Spring symbolizes the beginning of a year and the new life and is regarded as a good time for wedding.

Leap Month refers to the year has a leap month and a total of 13 months. With the meaning of moisture and harvest, the Leap Month is a symbol of connubial love and harmony of husband and wife.

2020 is the year with Double Spring and has a leap month of April.

Blind Year
It refers to the year without the Beginning of Spring. Generally, the year of Double Spring is followed by the Blind Year. Of course, the Blind Year also has auspicious dates and it doesn't matter to get married in a Blind Year. 2019, 2021, 2024 and 2027 are Blind Years.

You'd better avoid the wedding date in January, or it will conflict with the Spring Festival. Also, you should avoid lunar March, July and October, during which the traditional ghost festivals Qingming, Yu Lan Pen and Spirit Festival (Xiayuan Festival) take place respectively, thus inauspicious for wedding. Lunar August, during which the Mid-autumn Festival takes place with the full moon, is the best month for wedding.
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Avoid the Birthday of Bride, Groom and Relatives
While choosing the wedding date, you should avoid the birthday of bride, groom, parents and unmarried brother or sister. If the parents have passed away, you should avoid their birthday and death day.

Avoid the Evil Spirit of Sanniang
Legend goes that the God of Marriage refused to pull the silken cord for Sanniang, so she could not get married. In a revenge mind, she often opposed the God of Marriage and ruined the wedding of new couples on lunar 3rd, 7th, 13rd, 18th, 22nd, and 27th in every month. Therefore, the dates above are inauspicious for wedding.

Weddings in Conflict or Wedding Conflict with Funeral
A family should avoid two weddings in one year. If the direct relative died in the year, it will be inauspicious to hold a wedding.

Avoid the Month or Day in Conflict with Zodiac Sign
In Chinese zodiac, Rat and Horse, Ox and Sheep, Tiger and Monkey, Rabbit and Rooster, Dragon and Dog, Snake and Pig are the animal signs in conflict with each other. For example, you should avoid the Horse month or day if you are under the Rat sign.

Give Priority to the Bride's Birthday
Generally, you should give priority to the birthday of bride and refer to the groom's in choosing the wedding date. If you reverse or ignore the rule, the marriage will have problems, such as divorce; if you observe the rule, it will be auspicious.

Take the Eight Characters of Birth Time into Consideration
The auspicious days for wedding on the internet just work for the general public. The Eight Characters of Birth Time of bride and groom should also be considered to see whether the wedding date is auspicious or not. Therefore, the birth time of bride and groom should be provided to choose a wedding date good for the marriage.

1. Wedding year and date shall not conflict with the Marriage Constellation;
2. Wedding date shall not conflict with the gods governing the Eight Characters of Birth Time;
3. Try to choose a wedding date governed by 'Tian De' or 'Yue De' and not conflict with the Wealth Star of groom and the Husband Star of bride;
4. Choose a date which is compatible or can eliminate the evil spirit if the Eight Characters of bride and groom are in conflict, so as to solve the evil spirit in marriage.

Authentic Wedding Date
If you choose to register and hold the wedding in different days, you'd better choose the auspicious dates for both. If you can choose only one date, however, the day you hold the traditional etiquettes, such as welcoming the bride and wedding party, shall be considered as the authentic wedding date and you should choose an auspicious date for it, because this is the real wedding date in Chinese tradition.
Take the Work and Study of Both Parties into Consideration
If one of you takes the further study in spare time, you should avoid the intense days preparing for the exam; if one of you works day and night on a major project to make technological breakthrough, you should wait patiently and choose the wedding date after finishing the project.
Consider Both Families' Time
In choosing the wedding date, you should consider whether the parents, friends and relatives of both parties have time to attend your wedding and witness the happy and harmonious scene.
Consider the Physical Condition of Bride and Groom

If one of you is sick or in physical discomfort, you'd better delay the wedding, or the harmony of your new life will be affected and aggravate the disease. Also, you should avoid the menstrual period of bride and you groom should pay special attention to the bride's opinion.
Choose the Wedding Date in Holiday or Festival
Perhaps it is a wise decision to choose the wedding date in holiday and the advantages lie in: commemorative significance; festive atmosphere adds spice to wedding; relatives and friends have time to attend your wedding in warm atmosphere; you can entertain guests and celebrate the festival together in a saving and happy way. Since a lot of people choose to hold the wedding in holidays, you should book hotel and wedding fleet in advance.
The definition of auspicious date varies and the best way is to choose a day everyone satisfied. Although auspicious day is a tradition in China, you should know that a happy marriage lies in the solid foundation of love rather than a certain auspicious date. Therefore, you should arrange from a scientific perspective.

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Chinese Calendar

26十九/19 27二十/20 28廿壹/21 29廿二/22 30廿三/23 31廿四/24 1廿五/25
2廿六/26 3廿七/27 4廿八/28 5廿九/29 五月 (May) 6初壹/1 7初二/2 8初三/3
9初四/4 10初五/5 11初六/6 12初七/7 13初八/8 14初九/9 15初十/10
16十壹/11 17十二/12 18十三/13 19十四/14 20十五/15 21十六/16 22十七/17
23十八/18 24十九/19 25二十/20 26廿壹/21 27廿二/22 28廿三/23 29廿四/24
30廿五/25 1廿六/26 2廿七/27 3廿八/28 4廿九/29 5三十/30 六月 (Jun) 6初壹/1

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