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Baby gender boy

1 Reply Asked by k***a | 3/25/2023 3:19:56 AM

Hi My western date of birth 1985 march 6 i want baby boy so please suggest me when concive 2023

Baby gender predict

1 Reply Asked by K***e | 3/5/2023 7:48:17 AM

hi My western date of birth 06/03/1985 i want baby boy so please suggest me when concive 2023

Baby boy

1 Reply Asked by P*** | 12/3/2022 2:46:38 PM

Please give me dates for baby boy, my date of birth is September 25,1986.

Baby gender

1 Reply Asked by P*** | 12/3/2022 2:23:46 PM

My date of birth is western calendar September 25,1986. My due date is western may 2023. What g...

Why the date on your website is not GMT + 8?

0 Reply Asked by M***T | 8/27/2022 1:25:53 PM

I noticed the date highlighted on your website is based on GMT and not GMT+8 May I know why?

Bazi Analysis

0 Reply Asked by N***i | 8/13/2022 8:40:45 AM

Hello, I have a weak Bazi - I am a metal and have too much wood. It says in my report to apply ...

need to know gender

1 Reply Asked by t***l | 5/31/2022 10:54:03 AM

Date of birth is 04/29/1991 and LMP is 04/28/2022 I want to know what will be baby gender. I am...

For baby boy

1 Reply Asked by S***i | 5/30/2022 11:19:26 AM

My birth date is 16 January 1992 and we have one girl and we need boy so year 2022 which time i...

Why is wedding date important?

1 Reply Asked by M***o | 4/11/2022 6:58:39 AM

I got married in inauspicious, what does that mean? Will something bad happen? My wedding is go...

To know correct date and time to conceive a baby boy

0 Reply Asked by R***r | 12/28/2021 3:49:54 AM

My DOB is 28/09/1978. I have a 12 years old girl. Now planning to have a baby Boy according to ...

Correct time to conceive a baby boy?

1 Reply Asked by R*** | 12/24/2021 3:23:35 AM

I am Rajinder kaur. My date of birth is 28th September 1978. I have a baby girl. Now I want a b...


1 Reply Asked by A***K | 12/19/2021 8:59:22 AM

My date of birth is 28th December, 1989. I want to born a baby girl in 2022. Which months can I...

Bazi is too weak - I will be grateful if someone help me find remedies, please

0 Reply Asked by P***e | 11/11/2021 2:32:53 PM

Hello. I hope my message finds you well. I calculated my Bazi, and it says: "Bazi is too w...

The fate is it by Western or Chinese calendar

0 Reply Asked by L***n | 11/4/2021 6:51:17 PM

Hi, To see the Fate of Zodiac by Month and Date, is it based on western or Chinese calendar ?...


0 Reply Asked by R*** | 11/2/2021 10:39:59 PM

Hi I want to know if there’s marriage on cards for me anytime soon? And if I will be happy in i...

Zodiac that clashes in a timing in a day

0 Reply Asked by V***w | 10/9/2021 10:12:22 AM

Hi, Can I ask in the Chinese calendar under zodiac that clashes in a certain timing, does e.g...

Chinese predictor

1 Reply Asked by A***e | 9/10/2021 8:13:35 PM

Hi i am currently 33 years old and my dob is 7/24/88 i would like to know when the best time to...

Born Monkey year Rabbit hour

0 Reply Asked by M***S | 8/23/2021 12:59:22 AM

I read in this website that being born in the rabbit hour, says that I’ll have help by relative...

Chance of Conceive Baby Boy

0 Reply Asked by P***d | 8/2/2021 1:43:47 AM

HI, I am pleanning for 2nd baby, i have already a beautiful daughter, So just praying for hav...

The Difference between "Avoid anything else" and "Nothing Suitable"

1 Reply Asked by I***a | 7/22/2021 2:48:30 AM

Hi there! Sometimes I feel confused when I see the Chinese calendar and found out that in the ...

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