Auspicious Months and Unlucky Years for Wedding

Before choosing an auspicious date for wedding, you’d better choose an auspicious year and month in order to be blessed with good luck after marriage. There are some years you should avoid getting married in. If you couldn’t avoid the year, make sure to choose the best month and especially the most auspicious wedding dates.

Who should avoid getting married in 2021, 2022 and 2023?

Zodiac Sign who should avoid getting married in 2021 Year of the Ox: Female Tiger, Male Horse

Zodiac Signs who should avoid getting married in 2022 Year of the Tiger: Female Tiger, Male Horse

Zodiac Signs who should avoid getting married in 2023 Year of the Rabbit: Female Tiger, Male Horse

Don’t know you Chinese zodiac sign? Please check Chinese Zodiac Years Chart.

Zoiac Signs Good for Marriage in January, 2021

The month is based on the Chinese lunar month. Chinese lunar December 2021 is from January 3, 2022 to January 31, 2022 in Gregorian Date. What you should also know is that it should be based on the bride's zodiac sign.

The Zoiac Signs Good for Marriage in Chinese Lunar December 2021:
Ox: born in 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009
Sheep: born in 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003

Auspicious Months and Unlucky Years for Wedding

Please check the following table to get the most auspicious two months for you to get married (based on the bride’s zodiac) and the years you’d better avoid.
Note:The months refers to the Chinese Lunar Months.
Zodiac Sign The Most Auspicious Lunar Month The 2nd Most Auspicious Lunar Month Years Should Avoid
For Female For Male
Rat June January Year of Rabbit Year of Sheep
Ox December July Year of Tiger Year of Monkey
Tiger May April Year of Ox Year of Rooster
Rabbit November October Year of Rat Year of Dog
Dragon February March Year of Pig Year of Pig
Snake August September Year of Dog Year of Rat
Horse January June Year of Rooster Year of Ox
Sheep July December Year of Monkey Year of Tiger
Monkey April May Year of Sheep Year of Rabbit
Rooster October November Year of Horse Year of Dragon
Dog March February Year of Snake Year of Snake
Pig September August Year of Dragon Year of Horse
Other customs in China when choosing the year for wedding:

1. Avoid the year without Spring: Chinese people usually think it’s inauspicious to get married in the years without Spring. That means if the year doesn’t have the Start of Spring day which usually happens on Feb. 4th, you’d better avoid the year as people think you may become a widow and has few chance of getting a baby after marriage. 2016 (year of the Monkey), 2019 (year of the Pig), 2021(year of the Ox), 2024 (year of the Dragon), 2027 (year of the Sheep) are years without Spring.

2. Avoid your Ben Ming Nian: There is also a custom that it’s inauspicious to get married in one’s Ben Ming Nina (the zodiac year of the person). So, you’d better advance it to the previous year or postpone it to the next year.

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Chinese Calendar

28廿四/24 29廿五/25 30廿六/26 1廿七/27 2廿八/28 3廿九/29 十壹月 (Nov) 4初壹/1
5初二/2 6初三/3 7初四/4 8初五/5 9初六/6 10初七/7 11初八/8
12初九/9 13初十/10 14十壹/11 15十二/12 16十三/13 17十四/14 18十五/15
19十六/16 20十七/17 21十八/18 22十九/19 23二十/20 24廿壹/21 25廿二/22
26廿三/23 27廿四/24 28廿五/25 29廿六/26 30廿七/27 31廿八/28 1廿九/29

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