People With Thick Knuckles Have A Harder Life Than Those With Thin Knuckles?

There are many Feng Shui (Chinese Geomancy) masters who look at the palm to determine a person's fortune, and there is often a saying that people with thick knuckle joints live a hard and difficult life, while those with thin joints have a comfortable and easy life. Is this really true? No, although the above statement has some truth, it is too one-sided and biased.
In fact, many people with big, bulky knuckles come from poor backgrounds, which is true, but it does not mean that life is difficult later in life. These people are generally intelligent, exploratory, inquisitive, active and hard-working. Once they enter a certain field, within three to five years, they have a high probability of becoming an expert researcher. As such, such people give the impression that they are running for their lives. Actually, they are more in pursuit of spiritual breakthroughs and freedom!
On the contrary, most people with small and thin knuckles are born with a "rich life", or even born with a silver spoon in the mouth. These people usually value material enjoyment and have an empty spiritual life. They are emotionally volatile, emotional, impulsive and intuitive. Impulsion and intuition are often the basis for their action. Both types of knuckles are innate. We cannot change our natural destiny, but we can change our character and habits and strive to achieve a more perfect personality through our efforts later in life.