Horoscope for the Pig born in 1983


Pig born in 1983. How about my horoscope this year?

Someone said my fortune is not good this year and I need to wear a Jade Tiger to protect myself. In this way, I can avoid the troubles. Is it true? Is there some good advice to follow?

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Yes, there will be some problems in terms of your personal and love relationship. You should pay attention to these aspects in 2015. You can wear a Tiger sign or a tortoise with a dragon head to exorcise the evil spirits.

What you should also know is that 2016 is year of Monkey. As Pig and Monkey is not compatible with each other, 2016 is also not a lucky year for you. Therefore, you’d better wear a proper mascot to bless you. A tortoise with a dragon head is what fit you best. It’s also what you should wear for lifetime. Hope it helps.
I am born in the year of pig 1959 and can you tell me hows my luck going to be good or no good,

2015 is a good year for the Pig.

You can get details here:

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