help to identify my horoscope sign and 2019 prediction


I am a female born on 05/18/1959 at night after 1 am. Am I a strong or weak earth pig? Will 2019 year turn out good for my carrier and finances?

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Hi Rimma Polotskayam,
Your are Yin earth pig in Chinese horoscope. You usually eat well and sleep well thus have a good health condition n the whole life. 
In 2019 year of the pig, you will meet your zodiac year. You are easy to have a bad mood and absent-minded. So, your career will be greatly affected. Besides, you may have some problems in personal or love relationship. This will also affect your career development. 
Due to the clash with Tai Sui in 2019, you have poor luck for wealth as well. Besides the unstable income, you will suffer unexpected financial losses and make limited money. You may spend much money on the younger generations in your family in 2019. 
In order to avoid money loss and attract more wealth in 2019, you'd better wear Pixiu ( ). For good career, a Lapis Lazuli bracelet with Pig sign is suggested to wear. 

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