2016 horoscope for rooster born January 1958


Selling home, thinking about investing in shared ownership of property with pig. Thinking of undergoing plastic surgery in year of monkey-is this a good year for surgery? Personal relationship with horse coming to big change-I'm not joining with him in his new house.

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Hi Fun Femme,

2016 is a good year for you to make investment. You will be lucky to earn a lot of money. You can be compatible with the Pig people. So, there is no problem if you plan to invest in shared ownership of property with a pig people. However, you should keep a cool head and not to trust others with important matters. You should know where your capital account flows clearly.

It's sure that you would be looked rejuvenated after plastic surgery. You can do it in 2016. But you are not suggested to make large plastic surgery during the year as it may affect your whole health condition. Small ones are ok.

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