What Your Mouth Shape Says About Your Personality?

Smiling Mouth

This kind of mouth is wide, clean-cut, regular rather than slanting, featuring uniform thickness, rosy lips and slightly upward corners like smiling. People with smiling mouth are generally gentle and love to smile. Good temper and slow coach are the common tags for them.

Crescent Moon Shaped Mouth

Different with the smiling mouth, this kind of mouth is naturally upward like the crescent moon and boasts rosy lips, pretty white teeth, slightly thin lower lip yet looks pretty beautiful as a whole. Those with crescent moon shaped mouth are the born optimists who are capable and experienced rather than slovenly and haggling over every ounce, thus have quite good relations with people. Born with a silver spoon in mouth, they are intelligent, fond of study, profoundly learned, well-spoken, emotional and highly motivated. The rosy and glossy lips suggest better luck in later years.

Reverse Boat Mouth

Opposite to the crescent moon shaped mouth, this kind of mouth looks like the reverse boat and features bigger upper lip than the lower in dark red, downward corners, and tightened and well-defined lower lip. In face reading, people with reverse boat mouth are pessimistic, assume the bad side no matter what they do, have the jitters and lack of confidence. Slow in movement, they have no courage and motivation to move forward.

Round Mouth

People with round mouth are simple-minded, uncalculating, helpful, easily contented rather than importunate, thus loved by others. They tend to lead a comfortable and peaceful life with high position, great wealth, and many descendants. Being honest and sincere, they are suitable for both political and business circles. However, they are self-willed, extremely suspicious and lack of security because of worry and fear, leading to the poor communication with the opposite sex, which further influence the development of relationship.

Square Mouth

With thick and regular lips, this kind of mouth is square and flat, just like the Chinese character '四' (four); the corners are clear-cut and flat rather than downward, making others feel lively and cheerful. Those with square mouth are usually smart, learned, capable, curious to the unknowns and eager to learn. No matter what they do, they are dedicated, decent, honest, tolerant and trustworthy. They tend to enjoy wealth, rank, longevity and prosperous offspring and have better luck in old age.

Lotus Mouth

A lotus mouth is flat and long, featuring dull-red and thin lips and slightly downward corners. People with lotus mouth usually lack of sincerity, talk endlessly and accomplish nothing though seemingly always on the run.

Cherry Lips/Rosebud Lips

In moderate size, this kind of mouth has slightly upward corners, ruddy and glossy lips and tidy and white teeth and looks like a blooming lotus when smiling. In physiognomy, people with cherry lips / rosebud lips are extremely intelligent, gentle and kind, enjoy great popularity and always get help from others. For women, the mouth with cherry lips is even better as it suggests nobility.

Blowing Fire Mouth/Thunder God Mouth

A blowing fire mouth (also called thunder god mouth) features downward or invisible corners, white yet extroverted and uneven teeth. People with blowing fire mouth tend to be alone and helpless, enjoy no longevity, lack of sincerity, stir up enmity, juggle black and white and lead a miserable later life. Women with blowing fire mouth have bad luck to their husbands and children. For men, the situation is not so serious.

Lined Mouth

A lined mouth boasts downward corners and thin and lined lips in dark red. In general, the aged people have wrinkled lips; for the young and middle-aged, the lined mouth symbolizes the hard life busy rushing about and even if they enjoy longevity, life will be lonely, helpless and uneasy for them in later years. Sometimes, they make certain achievements but suffer unexpected financial losses. Also, they have poor relations with people and are prone to dangerous things.

Pearl in the Sea

A projecting part in the center of the upper lip is just like the pearl in the sea. This kind of people are arrogant rather than submissive and the thin upper lip suggests the stingier character. While getting along with them, you'd better not reveal your inner thoughts because they are Janus-faced, extremely dangerous and play tricks behind. Since they often offend others, they are not suitable for the work related to PR.
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