Eyebrow Shapes and Personality

Slanted Eyebrows

The slanted eyebrows look like the Chinese character '八' (eight). People with slanted eyebrows are pessimistic and tend to have ups and downs; men have bad luck to wife and few children while women have bad luck to husband and are destined to lead a lonely life. Even if they get rich, the good life will not last long. Fortunately, they usually enjoy longevity and won't suffer the poverty. The combination of slanted eyebrows and eyes in the same shape is the best.

Flat/Straight Eyebrows

The flat eyebrows are just like the mighty '一' (one) in Chinese calligraphy, which are slightly longer than the eyes and feature neat and beautiful head and tail. People with flat eyebrows are stubborn, masculine, resourceful, endowed with civil and martial virtues, decisive and upright in doing things. They have several rich siblings and get along with each other well; also, they live with their spouses together till old age. However, they often have conflicts with others. Women with flat eyebrows are highly self-esteemed and masculine but the too thick eyebrows indicate the poor marriage. For men, the flat eyebrows are a good sign of masculinity; men with thick and wide flat eyebrows are intelligent and talented.

Upward/Ascending Eyebrows

People with upward/ascending eyebrows are passionate, vigorous, decisive and bold in action and they will practice once they are determined. Generally, they have good luck for wealth and career, and tend to be amorous and active in love but sometimes capricious and overconfident.

The Willow Leaf Eyebrow/Curved Eyebrows/Rounded Arch Eyebrows

Commonly seen among women, the willow leaf eyebrows feature sharp tail, curve like the willow leaf and look beautiful. People with willow leaf eyebrows are gentle, wise and filial to parents and get along well with brothers and sisters.

Women with willow leaf eyebrows are soft-hearted, gentle, beautiful and full of feminine charm. Men with this kind of eyebrows are feminine and talented in art. Generally, they are delicate, sensitive, sentimental and indecisive. Besides, they are faithful, reliable and sincere to friends.

Crescent Moon Shaped Eyebrows/Half Moon Eyebrow

Just like the crescent moon at the beginning or end of a month, this kind of eyebrows curve downward like the willow leaf eyebrows yet wider and lighter than the latter. Crescent moon shaped eyebrows are a good sign which indicates the people are kind-hearted, mild-tempered, considerate, sensitive and of artistic temperament. They usually have good luck and interpersonal relationship, get help from relatives and friends and enjoy the happy marriage. The shortcoming lies in that they are over emotional and idealistic, seemingly out of touch with reality.

Women with such eyebrows are extremely intelligent and highly perceptive to literature and art, have too many suitors and need to beware of the extramarital affair. Men with such eyebrows basically work in art.

Broom-Shaped Eyebrows

The broom-shaped eyebrows gather together tightly at the head and scatter at the tail, symbolizing the property loss and failure to gather money. Once people with such eyebrows lose temper, they will take up arms.

Men with broom-shaped eyebrows are violent-tempered and often cannot control themselves from losing temper. Women with broom-shaped eyebrows tend to fall into a flutter and suffer from imaginary fears; they are extremely suspicious and not open-minded, leading a life full of ups and downs and suffering from poor luck from age 30 to 40.

Dashing Eyebrows/Angled Eyebrows

Dashing eyebrows are long and wide and go upward at the tail, looking like the upside-down Chinese character '八' (eight) and presenting the heroic spirit. People with angled eyebrows are usually outgoing, outspoken, righteous, courageous and adventurous; they seek novelty, always gain experience, surprise others at work and have outstanding performance. However, they are over-confident and a little capricious. The dashing eyebrows are destined to be powerful and knowledgeable pillars of the nation. Even if they are humble in early life, they can get wealth and rank, have many children and grandchildren and enjoy both health and longevity later.

Silk-worm Shaped Eyebrows

In glossy black, silk-worm shaped eyebrows go up at the tail and curve slightly in the main part, looking like the silkworm. This kind of eyebrow is commonly seen among men who are intelligent, straightforward, loyal to friends, quick-witted and blessed with endless wealth and rank. In youth, they suffer hardships in career and are prone to twists and turns yet always wish to make a rise in life. Since they are talented, have good relations with people and often get help from others, they can make a fortune in middle age. When it comes to marriage, they have unfavorable luck and tend to get married late because it is hard for them to find the true love. Women with silk-worm shaped eyebrows are emotional and responsive, make friends easily and have good luck with the opposite sex.

Joined Eyebrows/Unibrows

Joined eyebrows (also unibrows, connected, meeting or continuous eyebrows), as the name implies, refer to the eyebrows meet each in the middle above the bridge of the nose. The hair above the bridge of the nose for the prominent unibrows is the same color and thickness as the eyebrows. "In both Ancient Greek and Roman cultures, unibrows were prized as beautiful, desirable features worn by the most intelligent and lusted-after women. " However, in Chinese physiognomy, people with joined eyebrows are persistent, inflexible and likes to think too much, thus often get into a dead end. In terms of love relationship, they have different temperaments with their partners, and value their own opinions too much, nit-pick on their love and go for perfect. When it comes to career, they tend to be idealistic and fail to conform to the worldly etiquettes, thus cannot get along with the leader in charge. On the other hand, they have amazing perseverance and never give up for the things they want to do. So, they usually could get success. Successful people with the joint prominent eyebrows are like Frida Kahlo, Sophia Hadjipamteli, Kajol, Nicolas Cage, Salizhan Sharipov, etc.

Triangular Eyebrows

Triangular eyebrows symbolize the resolute determination. Usually, people with triangular eyebrows are brave, wise, resolute, decisive and fearless to setbacks and march forward courageously. However, they are self-centered and sometimes one track-minded. Li Ning, who transforms from the best athlete to the best businessman in China, proves this point with action.

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