Forehead Lines and Wrinkles

Is it good to have forehead lines?

In Chinese face reading, the type, position and number of forehead lines indicate one's luck and career.

People with no forehead wrinkles are pure minded, lucky and helped by others frequently. Too many forehead wrinkles suggest the frustrated and hard life, and no gains from pains. The clear and fine forehead lines less than three are the best. Those who have forehead lines before the age of 35 know what's what early. For women, the forehead lines appearing in early age suggest the unfavorable marriage while for men, the lines indicate starting career early. The forehead lines appearing after the age of 35 is better for women and 40 for men.

Horizontal Lines on Forehead

In general, there are three forehead lines: the upper is called heaven line which presents career and father; the middle is called man line which symbolizes the luck for development and siblings; the lower is called earth line which indicates the basic fortune, mother, family and saving. If one line is broken or unclear, there will be problems in that aspect.
The broken heaven line, man line and earth line suggest the bad luck to father, sibling and mother respectively. Generally speaking, those with broken forehead lines are chopping and changing, often take the extreme approach and split hairs, which will lead to the instable job. Fortunately, they change better in old age and enjoy happiness after suffering.

Three Forehead Lines/Wrinkles
Three Lines of Same Length: Three forehead lines/wrinkles of same length present the stable career and family and help from others, and basically belong to those who are loving, loyal and sensible. Usually, they are more active than the average, dare to act and speak and have good luck. Also, they are reliable and able to control their emotions.

Three Lines of Different Length: The shorter heaven line suggests no support from elders and superiors; the shorter man line indicates the bad relationship with colleagues and poor ability; the shorter earth line presents family and marriage changes and being unsuitable for the stable investment industry. The longer heaven line is a sign of good leadership and persuasion; the longer man line is a symbol of great popularity and high prestige among friends; those with longer earth line can get the care of their family and children.

Two Forehead Lines/Wrinkles
If the two lines are at the upper forehead, it suggests no sense of responsibility to the family and limited care to children. If the two lines are at the lower position, it means the people are not flattering to leaders and lack of initiative and filial piety.

One Forehead Line/Wrinkle
1. Those with only a heaven line are quite lucky in career, often get help from others and can inherit their fathers' strengths but have unstable basic luck;
2. Those with only a man line usually get help from friends and siblings, take action firmly and they are reliable, firm and indomitable;
3. Those with only an earth line have a good relationship with their mothers or a lot of savings. A man with clear earth line can marry a beautiful woman.

Other Types of Horizontal Lines
The curving lines on forehead present accidents, such as death in flood or traffic accident. (Fig 1)

People with three or four upward and crescent forehead lines are right-minded, extremely tolerant, meticulous, popular, healthy and long-lived. They may become government officials or generals. (Fig 2)

Those with tip-tilted forehead line are intelligent, docile, positive, hardworking and respected. (Fig 3)

Vertical Lines on Forehead

Three vertical creases are a symbol of longevity. This kind of people always pulls through the illness and lives to a ripe old age. Men with three vertical creases tend to make a successful career but have bad luck to their wives who may get sick or have a beef with them. Women with three vertical creases are capable yet have a bad relationship with their husbands. If the lines are too long, it suggests unexpected disaster and frustration. The three vertical creases at ophryon are auspicious and seen among those who are kind-hearted, grateful and gain status and reputation through hard work.

People with single vertical crease on forehead are tenacious and persistent, never give up until the goal is reached, demand too much on themselves and others, and can accomplish something. Women with single vertical crease on forehead are so aggressive that their marriage and love relationship are affected.

Single vertical crease at ophryon (the middle of eyebrows where the forehead and the bridge of the nose connect) is invisible unless the person frowns. People with single vertical crease at ophryon are upright, outspoken and indocile, which make them prone to disasters. Also, they have poor relationship with family members and poor marriage bonds, can hardly rely on their fathers, need to work hard through the whole life and may go far away from home. In folk, the crease is regarded as the bad luck to parents, wife and children.

Angled line at ophryon or the bridge of nose suggests the long yet hard life and for a man, it is a sign of torturing his wife. A horizontal line on the angled line when frowning presents the person is incompatible with others, extreme and self-centered.
The cross on forehead is inauspicious and it implies the person may involve in lawsuits and die of punishment.

If the forehead lines look very similar to the Chinese character '王' (king) and the heaven, man and earth lines are cut off, it indicates the hardships in development and setbacks in life.

If the forehead lines at ophryon look very similar to the Chinese character '井' (well), it implies the high official. People with this kind of lines can take charge of a department alone and serve as general managers or chief executives. For women, however, it means bad luck to husbands.

Moles on Forehead Lines/Wrinkles

A mole on heaven line suggests the frustrated luck and poor communication with superiors; a mole on man line indicates the bad relationship with friends and collogues, and setbacks in development; a bad mole on earth line weak ties with family and feel like a doormat.