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Cheek Lines (also Fa Ling Lines, Nasolabial Folds, or Laugh Lines) are two lines that run from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth. In face reading, the Assistant Palace is located here, which is a symbol of order and majesty. Cheek lines show one's power, executive capability and ability to manage subordinates and the obedience of one's underlings. The left cheek line presents the luck at the age 56 while the right one reflects your fortune at the age of 57.

Generally, cheek lines become clear at or after middle age, to be specific, age of 40 for men and 35 for women. For those who have nasolabial folds early, they enter into society to make a living early, work hard in youth, or work their way through college.

Good cheek lines are clear, beautiful, neither deep nor shallow. The short or broken cheek lines with patch, scar or mole are inauspicious.
The left cheek line presents father, income from work, major work and family property while the right presents mother, windfall, bywork and lover.

Different Kinds of Cheek Lines

Clear and Balanced Cheek Lines
This kind of people are self-disciplined and law-abiding, have a strong sense of order and like the stable working and living environment. Also, they are down-to-earth and hard-working, can have a tiny space in a large group, take charge of a department, develop steadily and make successful career in middle age.

Long and Wide Cheek Lines
The longer the cheek lines, the more stable the career will be; the wider the cheek lines, the larger the career will be. For people of such cheek lines, their employees get along well and have good team spirit. In terms of health, they seldom have serious digestive and nervous problems.  

Long and Deep Cheek Lines
Those who have long and deep cheek lines in middle age tend to make high-flying career and enjoy health. They are quite capable, will have a career of their own and good physique rather than serious disease.
Short Cheek Lines
Due to the poor ability to manage subordinates, people of short nasolabial folds are unlikely to become supervisors, or they will be held back by villains.

No Cheek Lines
It suggests short life span of parents. For women, no cheek lines after the age of 35 indicates the poor health condition of parents, and it is same for men after the age of 40. The shorter cheek line suggests the earlier death of the relative it presents. Here, the principle of ''the right for female and left for male'' applies.
Unobvious Cheek Lines
It is hard for people of unobvious cheek lines to start their career; even if they have a career, the foundation will be not solid because they act childishly and lack of social experience. Generally, they start up business independently to make a successful career and get certain social positions and achievements through the hard work. Most of them attend to everything personally.
Overly Deep Cheek Lines
Those whose cheek lines are overly deep or obvious are too strict, act ruthlessly, lack of kindness, seldom smile at work until they retire, and treat others harshly.

Cheek Lines Differ in Length
In general, the cheek lines differ in length suggest different life spans of parents, one of whom may suffer early death or poor health. People of such cheek lines see ups and downs in career, rush about for their family, change jobs frequently and cannot settle down; usually, their career run into crisis because of human factors. Longer left cheek line implies prosperous major work while longer right suggests outstanding bywork. Shorter left cheek line presents the poor health of wife while the shorter means the lover achieves nothing in career. 
Cheek Lines Enters Mouth
It means poor career and limited development in work. People of such cheek lines are usually narrow-minded little men or women who complain and sulk a lot; they should beware of spleen and stomach diseases and may suffer aphagosis at the age of 50 or so.

Cheek Lines Bend at the Mouth Corners
This kind of people will save the day, escape the apastia, have unstable family and remarry. They often change about their career and achieve nothing.

One Cheek Line
Cheek lines at both sides suggest longevity, strong capability and two or more occupations. People with only one cheek line are emotional, enigmatic, impatient, and treat others by fits and starts. For a woman with no left cheek line, her husband will have poor health and hindered career; no cheek line at the right side implies family disorder and personal health problems.

Cheek Lines Close to the Mouth Corners
This kind of people are talented and suitable for art related work. They tend to be work-oriented and pursue perfection, thus often split hairs and have a poor marriage. For women, such cheek lines indicate poor luck with opposite sex and they may remain singles.

Broken Cheek Lines
People with broken cheek lines tend to be weak-willed; the more broken points, the stronger the tendency will be. This kind of people are often affected by environment or others and have no life direction of their own, so they cannot take wing even if they change jobs frequently.

Mole on Cheek Lines
A mole on left cheek line presents the injury of right leg and vice versa. If there are moles on both cheek liness, it suggests the injury of waist, the problem of subordinates, the power used by collogues or the danger of demotion.
A mole near the nasolabial fold implies a contract dispute or lawsuit, betrayal of subordinate or loss of authority.

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