Face Reading Cheek Dimples

Meanings of Cheeks dimples

In daily life, some people smile with one or two dimples. The cheek dimple implies a lot, such as kindness and innocence, or being delightful. Another saying goes that: an angel falls to the mortal world for the beloved human being and the dimple is a sign of the angel with broken wings. People with dimples smile sweetly and they are versatile, popular, frank and generous. Generally, they show their talents in youth and pursue the free and unfettered life. However, the luck declines in old age.

Cute and Likable

Generally, dimples are found on the cheeks of girls who are beautiful, pure, lively, simple and pleasing, especially to the elders. Boys with dimples are polite and well-behaved, thus also pleasing to the elders. Since they are loved, their life is full of happiness and joy.

Good Luck with Opposite Sex but Frustrated in Love

People with dimples have good luck with opposite sex. Since they look nice when smiling, others often take a few more looks at them. However, the quite good luck with opposite sex leads to the complicated love relationship and unfavorable ones in love. They are somewhat self-willed and often make trouble out of nothing in a relationship as they are spoiled since childhood. Therefore, they see twists and turns and get hurt in love.

Poor Luck in Old Age

Since those with dimples are quite likable and spoiled in childhood or youth, many people misunderstand that the dimples are good in face reading. In fact, dimples are an inauspicious symbol in physiognomy, which indicate the luck declines with age. To spend the remaining years in comfort, they need to do more good deeds in youth for the sake of good luck. The poor luck in old age varies from person to person. No matter for the overbearing or the arrogant people, the friendly attitude will benefit their old age.

Poor Spleen and Stomach

In terms of face reading, people with dimples are prone to some minor diseases, especially spleen and stomach problems. This is because the width of nasolabial folds is affected by the dimples, leading to a series of problems which greatly reduce the function of spleen and stomach. As a result, they should pay attention to spleen and stomach health.

Non-startup People

From the aspect of physiognomy, those with dimples are not fit to set up their own business. Dimple corresponds to the Assistant Palace and the sunken Assistant Palace represents the poor skill in handling interpersonal relationships. Meanwhile, those with dimples often meet some hypocritical and harmful people. In addition, they tend to meet the unfavorable opposite sex, leading to the great resistance in starting up a business. Since interpersonal relationship is quite important today, they find it hard to build their own career without the good interpersonal relationship.

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Hi Just wanted to know about what is the meaning of having 4 dimples in face. 2 dimples on cheeks.. left cheek has big & right has small..face is asymmetrical v shaped. Another 3rd dimple is under left eye and last dimple is between the eyebrows... Please tell Thanks

Dimples on face (0 Reply ) Asked by L***k

Hi, Just wanted to know what is the meaning of having dimples on both sides of cheeks, the face is asymmetrical left side has more flesh and big dimple on cheek and same left side has minor dimples under left eye but right side has not so big dimple on right cheek. Also the same person has dimple between eyebrows too. The dimple between eyebrows apprea while frowing or harsh expression lifting eyes. Total 4 dimples on face . What does all these signify. Thank you.

I have a dimple on my left cheek near my mouth. What does that mean? (2 Replies ) Asked by A***z

Its a little tiny dimple about 2 cenitimeters diameter.

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i want to see the rare picture of dent or dimple between the eyebrows can u show me please?

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I have seen people who have dimples on cheek and on chin line...but very rare between the eyebrows..what does it signifies if some one has dimple between eyebrows on forehead