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2 Replies Asked by Jamuna lepcha | 12/5/2017 9:14:45 AM

two bright suns but one sun was encircled with 7 raindows.. what does it mean?

Fishes helping me to fight against my fear

1 Reply Asked by Sam Singh | 12/2/2017 11:18:33 AM

I was running away from a home lizard. I am usually not scared of them but I was getting afraid by it. When I lokked back my pet fishes were helping me to defeat it. I have 9 fishes in which 8 are gold fishes and 1 is black golden fish. This incident happened to me in my house. What does it mean ?

Escaping from unkown big monster

2 Replies Asked by Sam Singh | 12/2/2017 11:08:20 AM

I and my family escaped from a fire monster which was causing fire in an unknown big monster as big as a 3 or 4 storey house. The building was like 2 giant halls of 1 floor only. The monster was bigger than that and it didn’t looked that cruel. His look was telling that he is a good person trying to harm. I and another from my family were shooting him and escaping. The hall was in between of a forest near to a city. The whole hall was getting in fire. Before that happened we escaped. I think i looked that forest in a highway to Washington D.C . The highway name was maybe George Washington Memorial or something. Before that monster came I was in mine room but looked liked some other’s room. I was with an Indian actress and she was naked. I think I was talking to her. Then our family got to know that a giant fire monster was coming. We took all our valueables for survival for after escaping. He created fire there. The hall had many rooms. It was very giant and causing very bright fire. Fire was in the combination of bright crimsom


1 Reply Asked by umapathy | 11/29/2017 9:14:11 PM

I had a dream last night. A goldfish (red and gold colour)enter in my house while flood .I try to catch it but I cant . it swims 2 times towards me. can you explain it for me

Step on a small black snake and later discovered I was bitten by the snake

1 Reply Asked by Ramsey Uti | 11/28/2017 11:33:41 PM

I dreamt of running out of a bush path on bear foot. I don't know what was chasing me. I stepped on a small black snake along the line. When I get home, I checked my foot and I discovered that I was bitten because I saw stains of blood. I had to tie my leg and I called my mom of which we later attempt to go to the hospital.

Zebra in dreams

1 Reply Asked by Pooja Patel | 11/26/2017 12:06:50 PM

Earlier I asked on your site about fire. Though now I see fire with my bare eyes in day time also, it's not frightening but want to know more about it. Also yesterday I saw a zebra. Clear, firm, looking towards me very calmly. It just amazes me more in dream. Please do help me on this as well. [(I have filed a criminal complaint against the person to whom I got married) is it in relation to this as well? I want a divorce and money from him. ]

Dream of mother in law being pregnant by me

1 Reply Asked by Lu lu | 11/26/2017 10:36:20 AM

I am a man and had a dream that my mother-in-law was pregnant and I was the father. What does this mean?

Tiger dream

1 Reply Asked by Tyrel brim | 11/16/2017 8:51:30 AM

In my dream, my girlfriend and I were in a tropical resort that had a tiger in a cage. At one point my girlfriend and I got time alone with the tiger. It saw me and began rubbing the bars of its cage like it wanted affection. I was compelled to pet and hug the big cat and I approached without fear. My girlfriend was afraid and kept saying "baby" wI th fear in her voice, that tiger was enjoying the affection as much as I was. I had my girlfriend pet it but she was still afraid, and I was afraid for her, I knew if she made the wrong move or turned her back on the tiger it would attack her. It then jumped out of its cage and laid on me like we were the best of friends. My girlfriend became more comfortable and I made sure to let her to not turn her back, the tiger never attacked. I woke up feeling it was a special dream but was confused. I am insecure, have financial issues, and lost my temper a little for the first time in a long time the day before. Looking for work. Any info on this dream would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


1 Reply Asked by Faiza Ahmed | 11/12/2017 9:55:24 AM

Hi. My name is Faiza Ahmed. Born on 23rd sept. 1994 in Karachi, Pakistan at 10:10pm So two days ago i saw a dream that im like washing my hands and theres something yellow coming out of my hands. As if they are painted yellow from inside. And im trying more n more to clean it up but the yellow thing just kept coming out and i feel kind of unhappy and worried about it. Please tell me what it could possible mean? Thanks in advance :)


1 Reply Asked by Salma Emma Noor | 11/11/2017 5:57:43 PM

I can't fully remember my dream but I remember bleeding out from my nose like loads of blood just started gushing out of my nose and then like I fainted or like died and fell down on the floor in my own blood so like there was a pool of blood on the floor

Dream of herb doctor using snake to bite into kids leg and bleeding nonstop

1 Reply Asked by Angeli compuesto | 11/10/2017 1:17:20 AM

I have a dream that a herb doctor ask the kid that the needs snake bite onto kids calf and it was bleeding a lot and he pretend to lost something to stop the bleeding and he was too happy as if it was his plan

Dream meaning

1 Reply Asked by Miyuki nojiri | 11/7/2017 12:16:35 AM

There is time when I dream about a guy I haven't met before but see him on tv. I dream about him living together eating meals together. Will I meet him in the future? I will be with him when we meet? Or meet someone like him in the future. It might sound very confusing.

dream about tiger

1 Reply Asked by pooja tandukar | 11/7/2017 12:05:33 AM

I saw a tiger bite me in the dream, I was so scared initially but i don't get scared when it bites me and no blood comes out of my body. what is the meaning of that dream.

Parents kissing their bleeding daughter all over her body

0 Reply Asked by Aiste | 11/5/2017 12:33:09 AM

A girl (about 12-13 years old) was in this hospital. The kind of hospital that had sort of a scary vibe to it. Almost like the one where they perform human experiments. She was all bloody and wounded. Also naked. Her parents came and started kissing her all over her naked body like savages. They didn't even seem human. The girl was crying and didn't seem like she enjoyed it at all. Eventually, the nurses told her parents to leave. They didn't want to stop, but they still left. I was observing almost everything through the girls eyes, yet I knew she wasn't me.

Rat dream

1 Reply Asked by Sada Sada | 11/4/2017 11:02:34 AM

What is the meaning of a Rat chewing at my body?

I dreamt of fish and tortoise

1 Reply Asked by Kaiting | 11/3/2017 7:07:41 AM

Last night I dreamt of large fishes in those aquarium which is literally a storey big. Next I dreamt of fishes and little tortoise swimming in glass containers. I caught those fish with my hands but ended up releasing it. Then a tortoise swam into my hands while it avoided others. Then another dream came. I dreamt about saving around ten goldfish from getting trapped inside something

What is my dream trying to say??

1 Reply Asked by Sum | 10/31/2017 12:21:06 PM

I dreamt that I was heading to school by a car for some reason I saw my high school friend for a very long time She and I was going somewhere I can't member but we Where somewhere in the woods and came out to a lake with lot of shade and somewhat my cousin wss sitting there Talking To priest. they were doing some cleaning ritual And after that ritual she dive into the water and she told me i should do it and I did the ritual and dived in after I came back from the water we were all dried up we saw one of my friend saw a pack of wolves wandering around Add we were so scared but for some reason they were friendy. we went to my cousin car and went home which was near to my school and I remember I had a car. I left that car and I saw a bus stop but she said there's no bus that will show up in this bus station and then she told me to take the car ride with her and I left my car and I remember I was Told myself I'll come back and bring my car I left behind and i took a car ride wi0th her and woke up that's it

Dreams of a baby

1 Reply Asked by Margery Wilson | 10/31/2017 6:04:25 AM

I dreamt I found a dead baby and gave mouth to mouth resuscitation and felt it chest and it started to breathe again. What does this mean?

Dream being spinned off by typhoon

1 Reply Asked by laly may dulatre | 10/31/2017 12:23:46 AM

i dreamt being spinned off by the typhoon but I was not dead. I was spinning with the red umbrella protecting me. I was enjoying though it was a harsh typhoon. I was so wet in my dream though still happy

Dreaming about snake.

1 Reply Asked by Paula Murphy | 10/27/2017 5:15:48 AM

Hi. I dreamt that I was hug by a snake, but didn’t felt treating but safe. But the snake had a face! And it was my male friend I catch up with couple of days a week. But soon released me and left the house. I then went to look for him but could find him anyway! Then I was sad and heartbroken. Could you plz explain what this mean? Many thanks

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