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Metal Sheep & Horse Marriage

2 Replies Asked by Divvy | 2/9/2020 11:15:47 PM

Hi, What would a marriage between a female sheep (Oct 2nd, 1991 9:30 pm UTC+5:30) and male horse (May 20, 1990, approx. 1pm UTC+5:30) be like? Does it have any potential to last?

Dragon = Dragon

1 Reply Asked by NikAnu | 1/31/2020 11:01:24 AM

I am born in 1976 fire dragon , my partner born on 1988 earth dragon. Are we compatiable

Whether I will get love marriage or arranged marriage

0 Reply Asked by Sumit vishwakarma | 1/28/2020 5:45:55 AM

I am sumit Krishna vishwakarma my date of birth is 12/11/1999 Timing of birth 11:55pm


1 Reply Asked by Anitha | 1/17/2020 2:19:18 AM

Hi Sir..! I'm Anitha My DOB is 15th April 1994 In the morning . Place TELANGANA When I get married

Does Francis love me?

0 Reply Asked by Vicky Kaye | 1/7/2020 5:30:13 AM

Want to know

Will be the father of my kids and i will be together again

0 Reply Asked by Niloko | 1/6/2020 7:39:38 AM

The father of my two kids left me for another girl. Are we go on separate ways or will be together again. His birthday march 14, 1988 mine is march 1, 1986

Will I have love marriage with the man I love?

0 Reply Asked by Sravani | 1/5/2020 11:34:58 AM

My name is Sravani. Born on 23-11-1997 at 8:30AM.My man was born on 20-10-1996. Will we have a love marriage?? If yes, When?

My luck in 2020

5 Replies Asked by Meiny | 12/24/2019 5:05:43 AM

How is my life in 2020 in love and money? Tq

Sign of finding soulmate soon

0 Reply Asked by Denny | 12/23/2019 7:06:22 AM

What is the sign or way to make it faster to meet?

Strong bazi marriage fail or success

2 Replies Asked by Vivian Tan | 12/22/2019 9:09:53 PM

The bazi article in this website says that person that has strong self-element is bad and harmful to loved ones. What if a woman that has strong self-element get married to a man that also has strong self-element, will the negative effect be neutralized or get worse?

Finding soulmate

2 Replies Asked by Denny | 12/14/2019 12:18:02 AM

Hello,, im born at 29 dec 1991. When will i meet my soulmate & where? Thankss

Who is my life patner

0 Reply Asked by Rashida naseem | 12/11/2019 4:04:21 AM

About love ,married status,job status

When will I get married again

0 Reply Asked by Rebecca ugwu | 12/6/2019 4:27:35 PM

When will I get married


0 Reply Asked by Ankita Sherawat | 12/6/2019 10:33:19 AM

I am worried about my career . Sometime I think to quit science field and want to prepare for civil service. Secondly I love a boy I want him to my life partner

will he still want to be with me

1 Reply Asked by Ruby Anita Helen Anthony | 11/30/2019 4:52:27 AM

i did something. i dont know what to do it was ages ago. but should i tell him. im ruby anthony 15th of july 2002 and his name is jesse forder 27th of may 2003

Horse woman monkey man

1 Reply Asked by Michelle Gunn | 11/28/2019 6:10:41 PM

Are these signs a good match and will it be a lasting relationship

Dragon man, pig woman

2 Replies Asked by Pam Yem | 10/11/2019 12:05:59 AM

Hello, My boyfriend is metal Dragons (10 December 200) and I wood Pig (01 September 1995). I would like to ask are we compatible? Can we grow old together? Thank for your answer in advance

is leo born august 5,1972 compatible with girl born on January 22,1975.

1 Reply Asked by Larina Beth Dela Cruz | 9/4/2019 8:01:57 PM

is Leo born august 5,1972 compatible with girl born on January 22,1975. Are they a good match?

Help me find my soulmate

1 Reply Asked by Chadwick jude apacible | 9/2/2019 1:13:26 AM

August 26, 1989

Snake and Pig compatibility

1 Reply Asked by Chadwick jude apacible | 9/2/2019 1:07:29 AM

Is there a way to make a male snake (1989) and a female pig (1995) couple relationship work?

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