Auspicious Days

Need help to find lucky dates for wedding, moving, travel, grand opening, break ground, sign contract, build house, haircut…Ask here.

Start date for new job in September 2020

1 Reply Asked by L***g | 8/4/2020 7:15:14 AM

My birthday is 5th March 1976. Can you let me know which are the auspicious dates to start a new job in September 2020?

Best Date to retire

3 Replies Asked by E***z | 8/2/2020 3:07:34 PM

Is it okay to retire in October 2020 ? Thanks

Auspicious times

1 Reply Asked by Y***e | 8/2/2020 8:24:10 AM

Hi, I have a question about the auspicious times quoted. Which time zone do we follow or is it relevant to any time zone we are in and if it says 11:00am to 1:00pm and we are in mountain time we don’t have to adjust the time window? Thank you for your time to answer my question.

Best date and time for mpoving back to our newly renovated hous

2 Replies Asked by A***I | 7/29/2020 12:30:39 PM

I was born at 19 oct 1981, female. My partner was born at 14 aug 1979. May i know when is the best date to move back to our newly renovated house. We have 2 daughters born at 18 nov 2011 and 10 feb 2017. My mum say aug usually is the lunar 7 month and it is not good for moving yo a new house. Is that true. I found in this site still give few options to moving at aug. Pls help

Whats the Difference Between Direct and Indirect Wealth?

1 Reply Asked by O***a | 7/26/2020 6:56:44 PM

Whats the Difference Between Direct and Indirect Wealth?

what is auspicious wedding dates

3 Replies Asked by r***l | 7/26/2020 4:20:08 PM

for male ox female pig

Is it all right for house improvement during ghost month?

1 Reply Asked by R***o | 7/26/2020 6:09:55 AM

We are planning for house improvement but i'm afraid it might be during ghost month. Is it all right for house improvement during ghost month?

Exam date

2 Replies Asked by A***N | 7/24/2020 8:38:54 AM

When are the auspicious days for exam between 14 oct to 2 nov 2020? My birthday is 21/11/1978. Many thanks!

Moving date

1 Reply Asked by R***a | 7/21/2020 3:37:43 AM

My husband and I are both Roosters, my son is snake. We are in the process of buying a house. I am thinking of completion date or having access in the house by the 27th this month and after that we have a week to clean and prepare the house before we actually move/sleep in the house. What is the best date for moving?

residence relocation

1 Reply Asked by e***r | 7/20/2020 10:36:24 PM

Hi can i check if 22 Sep is a auspicious date for residence relocation? i am a horse and partner is a tiger. what is the auspicious time?

Move in dates for new house

3 Replies Asked by e***r | 7/19/2020 7:07:30 PM

Hi, my zodiac is a horse, and my partner is a tiger. we are thinking of moving into our new place after the lunar 7th month. What are the auspicious date and timing for us to follow? On the date of shifting, i understand that is good that our hands are holding things, is it ok to hold a safe deposit that will be place into the house? And for the 168 $1 coins to scatter around the house, when should we scatter, should we choose an auspicious date to scatter the $168 coins also ? If yes, may i know what is the auspicious date also ? thanks.

Cesarean Delivery

1 Reply Asked by j***n | 7/15/2020 3:18:16 AM

hi, i see that 17th Aug is a good date for C sac. But is says Clash with DOG . My elder daughter is a Dog , how does it effect her and this new born in future ? thankyou

Closing and Residence relocation

1 Reply Asked by L***n | 7/13/2020 6:42:57 AM

I am a wood rat and my husband wood ox. We need to close and move (our furniture and ourselves physically) in Sept. We want to avoid the lunar July month for residence relocation. What days can we close and what days to move our furniture and ourselves physically? Thanks.

Moving In

1 Reply Asked by M***a | 7/9/2020 1:01:38 AM

Hi, I am a wood tiger and the only option given to me is to move in on the 29 or 30 of July. Can I move in all furnitures on these days and spend my first night on the new flat on the 31st which is my auspicious day of moving in. It’s been a tough year. Thank you


1 Reply Asked by G***h | 7/8/2020 8:17:53 PM

I want to get a promotion,what is the best date of birth is 01.03.1983

About business

1 Reply Asked by P***s | 7/7/2020 4:55:55 AM

I'm a woman, born in 1990 and will be opening a business this comin july 18 or july 20. What is the auspicious date for me to start my water refilling business? What are the do's and dont's that i need know to have my business work well and to attract money. Thanks..!

Exam Days

1 Reply Asked by M***o | 7/1/2020 5:43:40 PM

I am planning to take my NCLEX-RN test this year. What is a good month and day for me to take the exam for NCLEX-RN?

Moving in

1 Reply Asked by M***a | 7/1/2020 12:19:12 AM

Hi, I am a wood Tiger. When is the best days to move in a flat and sign the rent contract in July.

clash signs

1 Reply Asked by A***d | 6/26/2020 8:06:33 PM

Can a rat marry on an auspicious day if the clash sign is a rat?

Starting a new job

3 Replies Asked by C***e | 6/23/2020 9:25:34 PM

My birth date is 6 Apr 1972. I would like to know best date to start a new job in July 2020 for me. Thanks!

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