Dream being pregnant

Asked by Q***n | 5/28/2017 3:28:35 PM

What is your interpretation about my dream?? I'm pregnant and the baby in my tummy is moving.

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A***e 5/29/2017 3:24:15 AM

Hi Queen,

What's your age? Are you single, in love or get married now?

Q***n 6/4/2017 7:05:13 AM

I'm 24
I have a boyfriend but we broke up 2months ago

Q***n 6/4/2017 7:05:29 AM

I'm 24
I have a boyfriend but we broke up 2months ago

J***7 6/4/2017 7:52:20 PM

Couple of possible interpretations :

U will get back with your BF or will get pregnant from another man ...

Or u will accomplish some big valuable project at work or with charitable organization which will give birth to new life in society for good and it's already almost happening

A***y 6/5/2017 2:52:36 AM

It may indicate your desire of getting pregnant in waking life.

If you fear of getting pregnant subconsciously in real life, you may also have this kind of dream.

Q***n 6/5/2017 3:00:41 AM

Thank you

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