Tiger, fish and other animals came ro my bedroom


The tiger had a cub, the fish had 1 super big and 1 small (medium maybe) and i forgot the other animals but they came in my bedroom and they all went and found their position to stay in the tiger and it's cub went under my double deck bed i was at the top no one was sleeping at the bottem then under it stayed the tiger, then the 2 fish even though they are out of water they still look like they were in water and swam under another bed in the room then the other animals either went to the closet or any corner they can stay at like they were playing hide because there was a tiger.

And then the next thing i remembered was i was kinda scared because common there was a tiger under my bed and the when i was near the door to go out i saw the tiger climbing or attacking my sister and i the next thing i remembered i seem to have grown a hell of a balls and attack the tiger wothout fear and won, the next scen was that the big fish was cooked and looking juicy and big on the table even though it was a slice part chunk it was still big and my sister and or friend was there as well they were already eating the fish but i don't know why but i only stared at it and remembering how majestic it look while swimming in my bed room even without water it has like inviscible water around it and the small fish.... so please huhu interpret it thank you🙇🙇🙇

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