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A baby monkey

1 Reply Asked by A***t | 1/10/2019 3:49:55 AM

"A baby monkey tried to steal my baguette and bite my left thumb. I was trying to remove m...

Snakes and a chicken

1 Reply Asked by S***r | 1/7/2019 4:22:50 PM

In my dream I had a older baby chick and 5 or 6 babies and there was a snake near by across a s...

dream of living in a different house

0 Reply Asked by v***g | 1/1/2019 11:05:47 AM

I dreamt of moving to my son's friend's father's house. He let me live there w my c...

Puppies rescue

0 Reply Asked by l***n | 12/31/2018 2:59:04 PM

I had a dream where i found a bunch of puppies, and i had to find a proper cage for the poor pu...

Disorganized wedding dream

1 Reply Asked by l***n | 12/31/2018 2:48:36 PM

Hi, i am actually gonna get married this year. But i had a weird dream this new year. It was in...

Same person in every dream

0 Reply Asked by A***i | 12/29/2018 11:32:23 PM

Since 5years a small girl child was appearing in my dream whenever I am with my family, she is...

Blood cut finger

1 Reply Asked by S***g | 12/16/2018 10:43:43 AM

I acidentally cut middle finger really deep could almost see my bone and enormuse amount of blo...

Tiger' cub dream

1 Reply Asked by S***o | 11/28/2018 7:02:34 PM

Hey! So yesterday night my health was not good.i am suffering from cold and body ache with mild...

Dream about being stoned at a wedding reception

1 Reply Asked by J***e | 11/16/2018 4:10:24 AM

I had a dream i was invited to a wedding of an unknown person by an associate who is not a clos...

Someone drinked blood in front of me

1 Reply Asked by F***l | 11/1/2018 12:24:47 AM

Well i had this weird dream that someone i didn't know or couldn't recognize was in a b...

Fish jums into my mouth

1 Reply Asked by X***o | 10/24/2018 3:57:03 PM

In my dream, we were watching some fish swimming in shallow water. Some were dead while some we...

naked gay men

1 Reply Asked by a***h | 10/16/2018 10:51:47 AM

So in my dream me and my husband come "home" to find a naked gay couple about to have...

Dream of a tiger

1 Reply Asked by T***3 | 10/11/2018 6:41:56 PM

in short of a very weird dream, I walked out of my house to see a tiger right in front of my ho...

Dreaming of two of me in a swimming pool

1 Reply Asked by E***s | 10/11/2018 6:55:41 AM

So last night I had a dream I was swimming and going under water for long periods of time until...

tiger dream

3 Replies Asked by c***s | 10/1/2018 3:41:02 AM

I had a dream that I found a tiger and it was living with me but I new everytime I let it out t...

Dream meaning

1 Reply Asked by M***a | 9/30/2018 9:03:30 PM

In my dream.. I saw one bird flies around and then landing on my hand..it's yellow parrot b...

Was about to get married but ran away

1 Reply Asked by T***n | 9/30/2018 8:52:15 PM

Last night I dreamt about me getting married. I don't remember everything but I do remember...

Temples, Anmals, Love one

3 Replies Asked by C***e | 9/29/2018 3:20:03 AM

since few days i am having dream of going temple and praying for my love.... Some time Goat &am...

Dream with God saying something

2 Replies Asked by G***e | 9/27/2018 12:48:57 PM

I had this dream 3 years ago that God was saying something to me. God and this angel showed me ...

Dreams that has the same guy in it

1 Reply Asked by G***e | 9/27/2018 12:45:02 PM

I keep having these romantic dreams that have the same guy in it over and over again. When I wa...

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