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had two dreams last night

1 Reply Asked by N***i | 12/27/2017 5:30:56 AM

I had two dreams last night both seems to be weird. First one goes this way, I was in school, playing in school ground with lots of other students. Suddenly at a distance we all saw a tiger and every one ran away and me too every one entered the class room and locked the door but I saw one student was running to hide and I opened my door but unfortunately tiger got entered in my room as well we were five in numbers. Tiger didn't attacked us and doesn't seems hungry or angry and opt to harm us any way and I was offering him long grass. And dream got distracted. I wonder what does it symbolize? The truth is I am not a school student any more and I have already graduated. And second one goes this way, I was arrested with handcuff in my hand in some unknown country by police in a moving train and I was asking the reason to arrest me with the police and there was one more unknown guy also being arrested similar to me. I was continuously arguing with police and in a one point when the train stopped at the station, police asked us to run away and we both run away. Other guy ran faster than me and as we were about to finished stairs down other guy got shooted back and they also shoot me at back. I wonder if you can interpret these dreams to me as I saw two dreams. Thank you

Dreaming children

1 Reply Asked by p***i | 12/24/2017 9:25:03 PM

From the age of 16 I often dream about little children usually girl child. Whenever I dream child/ children I become very worried as I usually face some bad incident. Can you interpret the reason? My DoB 29 November 1966. Place of Birth- Barisal, Bangladesh

Dream of beautiful baby girl

1 Reply Asked by G*** | 12/24/2017 11:32:34 AM

I hAve daughter and in my dreams a beautiful and cute baby with my daughter. .doc come n and said u blessed with baby girl once again. .I got up as I wanna baby boy..so confused is the dream Come true

Dream about missing/escaping death

1 Reply Asked by N***a | 12/21/2017 10:20:45 PM

In my dream i just escaped from someone who tried to murder me and after successfully escaping from that situation, someone flicked my cellphone and ran away. Please let me know what this dream means?

Dream I'm went to hell

1 Reply Asked by L***m | 12/20/2017 2:46:50 AM

Hi, I dream I went down to hell and saw a lot of ghost. This is not the 1St time i dream of that. I can even communicate with the ghost.


1 Reply Asked by S***e | 12/19/2017 5:59:49 PM

I lost my brother back in October 11 2015. I lost my Grandson January 31 st 2017. I just got A call from my brother's friend saying he had A Dream the other day after he had saw me. Tyrice my dead brother was holding A Baby he had no shirt on and was holding A dark skin baby with A grow. I sent him A picture of my other Grandson and that was the baby he was holding on his chest...

Dream about going to Human Realm

1 Reply Asked by E***n | 12/18/2017 4:58:31 PM

I dream about something weird. In that dream I was in a palace, with a big hall and everybody can fly, including me. I fly arround the palace and I reallize it was in the sky. After that, one woman come approach me, she wear white dress and then she said to me "Let's go, I will take you for a walk to human realm. After that, both of us suddenly arrive in one village, we turn into like normal human. Then I saw a big area in the middle of the village, and I saw a lot of people are doing butchering to the cow, sheep, chicken, pig and it was a lot of blood, then a lot of people come to take the meat. I feel horrible, disgusting and creepy for seeing that things. Then, we go to enter a small street, and it was like a market area. But the weird things is, there is no buyer at all, just 2 of us only (me and the "Guan Yin" that turn into human), and all the store seller is old grandma and old grandpa. When I see arround, all the stuffs they sell is broken stuffs, like rotten fruit, dull clothes, and all broken things, all the grandma and grandpa look so sad. Suddenly, when we passed by, one grandma call me and she said "Young man, please buy my flower". When I see, she selling withered flower, and she continue speaking "Please buy my withered flower" with sad face. Then I search my pocket and look there is silver coin, so I gave it to the grandma, and she say thanks with a sad smile. After that, the woman talk to me, "This is it the human realm, everybody even the old one, still needs money and they cant live without money". Suddenly I see a man that buying a stuff from one grandpa, we see each other without speaking, and I realize he is the same with me that come to that place to help the people. After that, I woke up. Please help about this mysterious dream meaning, thanks.


1 Reply Asked by J***a | 12/17/2017 5:14:32 PM

Tonight I saw a powerful dangerous and red eyed ghost which was wearing black long light overcoat. . It was trying to harm.


3 Replies Asked by K*** | 12/17/2017 11:43:41 AM

Hi, In the dream section for pregnant women it says if you are receiving flowers it hints to be pregnant with a girl. I had a dream of making a bouquet with different colors one of them being blue. Does the blue color denote having a boy? Would really appreciate your response!! Thank you

meaning of the crocodile in my dream

1 Reply Asked by a***y | 12/15/2017 10:12:40 PM

i dreamt of being chased by two big crocodiles in my dream. then a small crocodile appeared but when it tried to bit me, its head was removed.

Spotting in a dream

1 Reply Asked by L***y | 12/15/2017 9:46:46 AM

So I had dream that I was ovulating the ovulation was like a white flower and then all of a sudden I turned around and looked at the walls the middle of the flower had turned red indicating spotting I guess. what could this mean?

Drinking drowning water

1 Reply Asked by K***n | 12/9/2017 12:12:26 PM

I had a dream that the people aroynd me where telling me to drink the water and as i was drinking the water it was making me feel like i was drowning.

Dream meaning

3 Replies Asked by M***i | 12/8/2017 9:18:55 PM

Dreaming about a guy I never met in person...

Dreams and Health, and Success?

1 Reply Asked by L***r | 12/5/2017 11:46:49 PM

Is there a connection between dreams and people's health and wealth?


2 Replies Asked by J***a | 12/5/2017 9:14:45 AM

two bright suns but one sun was encircled with 7 raindows.. what does it mean?

Fishes helping me to fight against my fear

1 Reply Asked by S***h | 12/2/2017 11:18:33 AM

I was running away from a home lizard. I am usually not scared of them but I was getting afraid by it. When I lokked back my pet fishes were helping me to defeat it. I have 9 fishes in which 8 are gold fishes and 1 is black golden fish. This incident happened to me in my house. What does it mean ?

Escaping from unkown big monster

2 Replies Asked by S***h | 12/2/2017 11:08:20 AM

I and my family escaped from a fire monster which was causing fire in an unknown big monster as big as a 3 or 4 storey house. The building was like 2 giant halls of 1 floor only. The monster was bigger than that and it didn’t looked that cruel. His look was telling that he is a good person trying to harm. I and another from my family were shooting him and escaping. The hall was in between of a forest near to a city. The whole hall was getting in fire. Before that happened we escaped. I think i looked that forest in a highway to Washington D.C . The highway name was maybe George Washington Memorial or something. Before that monster came I was in mine room but looked liked some other’s room. I was with an Indian actress and she was naked. I think I was talking to her. Then our family got to know that a giant fire monster was coming. We took all our valueables for survival for after escaping. He created fire there. The hall had many rooms. It was very giant and causing very bright fire. Fire was in the combination of bright crimsom


1 Reply Asked by u***y | 11/29/2017 9:14:11 PM

I had a dream last night. A goldfish (red and gold colour)enter in my house while flood .I try to catch it but I cant . it swims 2 times towards me. can you explain it for me

Step on a small black snake and later discovered I was bitten by the snake

1 Reply Asked by R***i | 11/28/2017 11:33:41 PM

I dreamt of running out of a bush path on bear foot. I don't know what was chasing me. I stepped on a small black snake along the line. When I get home, I checked my foot and I discovered that I was bitten because I saw stains of blood. I had to tie my leg and I called my mom of which we later attempt to go to the hospital.

Zebra in dreams

1 Reply Asked by P*** | 11/26/2017 12:06:50 PM

Earlier I asked on your site about fire. Though now I see fire with my bare eyes in day time also, it's not frightening but want to know more about it. Also yesterday I saw a zebra. Clear, firm, looking towards me very calmly. It just amazes me more in dream. Please do help me on this as well. [(I have filed a criminal complaint against the person to whom I got married) is it in relation to this as well? I want a divorce and money from him. ]

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