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0 Reply Asked by kileyjoanna | 7/24/2017 5:22:15 PM

okay so last night i had a dream and there's only a few parts i remember but i don't know what they mean. one of them was like i went to this church and these people were getting married and like apparently the girl was supposed to marry a different guy so i look at them and yell " are you f***ing kidding me?!" and got really mad and then i looked over and saw this lady that goes to my grandparents' church and her eyes were really wide and she said "i hope you know i'm going to tell the church about this" and i just walked away and then i was trying to walk up these stairs but i kept being pulled back by kids, (i don't have any children though just so you know), but then the best part i remember is me laying in my room and i have a bunk bed in my room so i was laying on that, and for some reason there were like more than just two beds on the bunk bed in my dream, and in one of the beds under me i felt fire, and it burnt my arms. i got mad, and i started yelling, not at any specific, but i was just yelling and yelling i was so mad. i'm actually a very angry person outside of my dreams, and i usually do yell whenever i've kept my anger in for too long. but then, in the dream, i got down from the bunk bed and went up to this lady, and i said to her "hey, i'm sorry for screaming like that. it's just you know when you've been dodging fireballs all week and then one day one finally hits you" and she nodded her head and smiled and then said "yes but i don't hurt myself because of it" and looked at my burns from the fire which had like some kind of medical tape or whatever and i went "oh no i didn't hurt myself these are burns" and then she walked out of my room and i followed her and into my living room and i saw my dad and my younger sister laying on the couch, watching a movie and the light was off. my dad was wearing these cool pants so i said "hey dad i like your pants" and he thanked me. (i don't live with my dad and he's been in treatment for schizophrenia for the past two months and the last time i saw him i told him i didn't want anything to do with him if he was still with my mom) so like i walked up to him and apparently he became mayor or something? but i said "oh wait you were just in treatment, how are you?" and he said he was good and i remember i was thinking in the dream that i wonder if he's still involved with my mom. but then the next thing i know i'm in some room i don't know, with a bunch of candles that are lit and im sitting on a bed in front of the candles, they start all going out at one at a time and i thought it was weird and creepy, then they all lit up again a few seconds later. then this little girl appeared and said "go deeper" but then i woke up by my screaming cousin so i couldn't finish the dream. but what do y'all think any of this means? i think i know what the anger part means, cause i'm always angry, always. but the candles? and the church? and the kids? and my dad? being a mayor? the fireball story? me getting burnt? someone help me out please and thank you lol

How about baby

1 Reply Asked by Loveth | 7/24/2017 3:11:38 PM

I saw may baby im my dream help me

prostitute brothel

1 Reply Asked by Sabena | 7/24/2017 10:47:46 AM

i was in a spermarket shopping needed bathroom went to back of store in the bathroom was pure ladies in skimpy shorts trying to grab and grind on me i washedcmy hands and run out whats this mean?

My passed on grandmother

1 Reply Asked by Ade | 7/24/2017 2:27:47 AM

Hi I have dreamt of my passed away grandmother she was wearing a black robe and someone was telling me to take praying burn paper to clean my body first before bringing her to somewhere what does that mean? The following day I had another dream. I dreamt of guanyin but later part she start to change into a monster attacking me while behind tua ah pek came helping.

my dead mother giving birth to a baby boy into my hands

1 Reply Asked by Jessica | 7/23/2017 1:38:42 PM

my mother and i was in a shopping mall and a few shelf packers of the store told one another that they can see that my mother was gonna give birth very soon and as i followed my mother her water broke i went closer and neeled down infront of her as she gave birth to a baby boy into my hands.I held the child close to my chest and i felt very content and happy.The bay was healthy and happy.


3 Replies Asked by Monikaa | 7/23/2017 4:22:42 AM

I am a single girl had a very strange dream where saw my self as a mother of 2 kids gal & new born baby boy... Whts the significance?

About a tiger dream

1 Reply Asked by Anitha | 7/22/2017 2:23:45 PM

What happens if a tiger breaks and enter into the house and touches us.

Pool of blood

1 Reply Asked by Deli@123 | 7/22/2017 10:22:51 AM

I dream of my cousing bleeding pool of blood n died

Dreams of relatives died long back

1 Reply Asked by Suresh Garodia | 7/21/2017 2:42:33 PM

Some time I see my mother father, Father-in-law in dreams . I saw them in good health but at the time od death they were ill except my mother. What is the meaning of these dreams.

Dreaming of blood

1 Reply Asked by Storm | 7/20/2017 1:35:30 PM

Halfway between conscience sleep and awake dreamt of a female stranger coughing up lots of blood.

dreaming about helicopter falling from the sky

1 Reply Asked by Jeff | 7/20/2017 12:20:55 PM

hi, a dream about a helicopter in the sky, first i see the helicopter, its strait in flying then, its getting to turning and then it crash, i see people that survive the accident. i fell in about that dream is im happy because first time i see a crash helicopter but when i saw it turning until it crush i became nervous of what to do. please help me of a meaning of my dream, thanks alot

Nephew was bleeding

1 Reply Asked by Vanoss_ | 7/19/2017 4:54:47 PM

My nephew accidentally fell on something sharp that stabbed his back causing him to bleed. The sharp object was also dripping in his blood.

Dreaming of dead husband

1 Reply Asked by Sashikumar | 7/18/2017 5:43:47 PM

Dreamt that my dead husband is giving me comfort

Dreaming about a Friend

3 Replies Asked by Netra Patil | 7/18/2017 10:03:11 AM

I am Engaged but I dreamed being at friends house as his fiancee who was my Crush.What does it mean Already I am confused about My future Partner.


1 Reply Asked by Chippil1956 | 7/18/2017 2:22:37 AM

Dreams about gold flex falling from the sky

getting married

2 Replies Asked by JP | 7/17/2017 10:46:01 AM

I dreamed of getting married to a school friend but we are not getting married because of love but base on an agreement we made. He got drunk at the wedding and stared crying and does not want to talk to anybody what does it mean?

tiger's in the house

1 Reply Asked by irneatha | 7/16/2017 8:24:53 PM

I had a dream of tigers in the house as I was coming out of a room and there was a man who controlled these tigers and he removed them from the house. What does this mean?

I suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2007

1 Reply Asked by LionSnake77 | 7/14/2017 10:48:56 PM

Ever since awakening to the world once more I have had no state of dream while in sleep stasis. Would you have any further insight as to why I happen not to experience this cycle in my rest periods?

fire burning the garden of my old flat

5 Replies Asked by Andrew | 7/13/2017 1:11:38 PM

Can you please tell me what a controlled fire burning in the garden of my old flat means? The old flat was very run down,poor quality and in a rough area.

The dead and baby dream

8 Replies Asked by Lwaxo | 7/13/2017 5:41:04 AM

I dreamt of my late granny, she didnt say much but there was a baby sleeping and his arm was swollen. My granny then told me to take baby to hospital. I woke up whilst holding the baby

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