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i had a dream i was laying in bed and my boyfriend came home and he swallowed me head first and whole like a snake eats its prey...i didnt struggle and i wasnt afraid...what does that mean?

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Hi soelevated,

This kind of dream may be caused by your large pressure recently. Your boyfriend in the dream may stands for the difficulties or pressure in work or love in real life. As you don't struggle and not be afraid in the dream, it shows you have lost confidence and courage to overcome the difficulties.

Just for your reference.
Firstly I dreamt of I killed 2 snakes, then found another snake with an infant however I killed it but the snake bite the infant ( not my child).

Dream continue .. found another one coil
Inside the cage n I tried to kill it.. it tried to bite me n I woke up

What will happen if I dreamt of snakes
Hi Kat,

Dreaming about killing a snake suggests that you have firmly seized every opportunity to increase profits or have kept a watchful eye on other's successful operation, you will feel the happiness of defeating the enemy.

Dreaming about being bitten by a snake indicates that you are not afraid of danger and you will have good luck and fortune, and live a happy life.

Good luck.
Hi i dream that the house has lots of snake and i killed it but snake bite me even i cut his head and also they are in the room of my child i was furious thats why i killed the snake and cut off snakes are everywhere and bite my little boy legs.what is the meaning of my dreams
Hi micabalo40,

Dreaming about your child being bitten by a snake indicates that you should pay attention to the family harmony and create a warm and happy family environment for your child. The snake was killed by you, it means you will feel the happiness of defeating the enemy threatening your family.

Hi I dream that I went for bathroom many snakes r there but I didn't see those snakes ,when I came back to my bed 1snake bit me what's the meaning of this?
Hi Amit Kumar,

Your dream hints you are not afraid of danger and will have good luck in wealth and life.

It may also indicates you will be infringed by others which make you very uncomfortable. Or, it's a hint of your health status sending out a warning light. You should watch out your health condition recently.
HI I dreamt about a red snake biting me, it was so real as i could feel how paralysed i was getting within seconds of this snake biting me. its mate was trying to get to me as well. what does this dream mean? it was so real.

Hi Mandy Gilchrist,

It's auspicious to dream of red snake. It indicates there will be good things happen to you recently.

Bitten by a red snake means you could get help from a friend who is of good fame. If you are single, that means your fortune in love relationship is nice and you will get married in the not long future. If you have already married, the dream indicates you have a happy family life and your children will be also happy.
My mother dream of sleeping with giant snake before my birth and 1 day after my birth my mother dreaming of birthing 3 snake and a jellyfish or some sort.. what does that mean
Hi Dede,

For pregnancy woman, dreaming of sleeping with a giant snake is just an indication of give birth to a boy. Dreaming of birthing snakes means your mother had a good fortune in those time.

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