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Recently departed Mom in law wore different dresses and silver earrings

0 Reply Asked by M***o | 5/17/2021 12:40:29 AM

Deceased mom in law appeared in my dream wearing colorful house dresses and round silver earrin...

Dreamt of catching one frog. Hop out hand and land with a bunch of frogs.

0 Reply Asked by P***a | 5/15/2021 10:26:38 AM

Just want to know what that could mean.

Live mother having a seizure, I caught her, but she stayed limp

0 Reply Asked by J***k | 4/7/2021 9:10:29 AM

Live mother having a seizure, I caught her, but she stayed limp ..then went to close up of her ...

being in a class

0 Reply Asked by C***S | 4/4/2021 1:35:02 PM

I dreamed of being in a high school music lesson in my dream. The mood was generally happy and ...

Escaping the bites and attacks of water snakes

0 Reply Asked by C***S | 3/25/2021 3:19:35 AM

I am a woman and I dreamed of escaping the bites and attacks of water snakes.

People bullied me in my dream

0 Reply Asked by l***s | 3/24/2021 3:56:54 PM

I had a dream where a young girl around my age screamed in my face saying I was ugly and fat re...

I dreamed about my grandfather ( late ) having flowers in hand

0 Reply Asked by S***r | 3/17/2021 6:59:59 PM

I'm upset for last few days because of the person I loved and now he is marrying someone el...

leaving a train station

0 Reply Asked by C***S | 3/15/2021 5:20:38 AM

IN that dream, an unknown girl and I walked out of a train station's exit. We realized it w...

baby tiger in my dream

0 Reply Asked by C***S | 3/15/2021 5:18:59 AM

As a followup to a question before, I saw a neigbour visiting me in a dream. He was having a v...

Dreaming of rat bite and chasing a rat

1 Reply Asked by C***S | 3/13/2021 11:31:30 AM

A rat was on my bed and it bit my fingers so i bled, but not too seriously. Then i tried to kil...

Someone in my Dream tried to kill me but I was able to kill him instead.

1 Reply Asked by B***n | 3/13/2021 8:18:47 AM

My Mother and I visited our friend in China and that night we all when out to dinner and talked...

Dream about tiger as pet

1 Reply Asked by C***S | 3/13/2021 3:34:22 AM

I dreamed that my neighbor who owns a baby tiger as a pet visited me. The tiger was trying to s...

First snake but then it was big fishes

1 Reply Asked by K***s | 3/8/2021 8:06:45 PM

I dreamed of which i thought was a snake at first then I left to get something to kill it. When...

Dreaming of gramma

1 Reply Asked by T***n | 3/6/2021 1:28:49 PM

I had a dream that my gramma whom is deseased yrs ago .led me through her house she was trying ...

Golden turtle

1 Reply Asked by C***S | 2/25/2021 8:09:06 AM

I saw a golden turtle at top of a staircase outside my dorm room. What does that mean?

Dream of a white tiger and rats

1 Reply Asked by F***y | 2/21/2021 7:50:17 AM

I had a dream last night where I walked into a room and a group of white tigers were staring at...

Dreamed an Alligator ate my kittens

0 Reply Asked by V***n | 2/20/2021 9:35:45 AM

I was in a wooden shack house. I opened the door and it was a small space. There were alligator...

Hi i want u to help me with my dream

1 Reply Asked by M***a | 2/17/2021 12:17:07 AM

In my dream i was standing in a house while a was standing I heard crying baby I was not alone ...

Keep seeing cat in the dreams (3 times in 3 days)

0 Reply Asked by O***r | 2/6/2021 1:53:05 PM

Hi, I keep seeing a cat in my dream 3 days in a row, only 1 cat each time, but 3 days in a row....

Black snake with green eyes in a fountain

0 Reply Asked by K***n | 2/5/2021 10:42:20 AM

I am in a large open room like a museum or art gallery. The only thing in the room is a large f...

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