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tiger dream

1 Reply Asked by charlene adams | 10/1/2018 3:41:02 AM

I had a dream that I found a tiger and it was living with me but I new everytime I let it out there was a risk something would happen then I noticed a man and a woman kinda spying on me when I let the tiger out the next day I saw a bunch of people trying to kill it then I though I found it and it was alive under some debris but when I moved the stuff out of they way it was a lion not a tiger .I felt that the tiger got away but not a 100 percent and then the strange woman came to my house and I told her she caused this and why couldn't she just leave us alone we werent hurting any one then I woke up ih

Dream meaning

1 Reply Asked by Melissa Isa | 9/30/2018 9:03:30 PM

In my dream.. I saw one bird flies around and then landing on my hand..it's yellow parrot bird.. The bird flies and land on my hand twice

Was about to get married but ran away

1 Reply Asked by Tang Ning lin | 9/30/2018 8:52:15 PM

Last night I dreamt about me getting married. I don't remember everything but I do remember most of the stuff. I was about to get married and I'm only 18 to someone I don't know, he's fat, has dark skin and short and rich. And we were getting ready for marriage but then someone showed me a letter about him being involved in corruption and that my friend had investigated on him. From the start I wasn't happy or sure about it and it just made me not want to marry him but we were in debt(in dream)and I apparently loved someone else plus I didn't want to marry someone who would be going to prison. He found out about the letter and I asked him not to harm my friend and to my surprise he listened to me really well maybe cause he loved me lol. I told my mummy and my elder sister about the letter and how unsure I was about the marriage, then my mum suggested you can run away we have to pack up your clothes either way and if you are not happy about this just run away. I was in dilemma but eventually decided to run away and they helped me. After I got to my lover's house our family and his family talked and I was allowed to stay there. I heard my sister and mum talking about how I could have married that guy and help them with their debts, I was shook to hear that and I don't really remember after that. In the end I never got married. I had similar dream before I was about to get married but run away.

Temples, Anmals, Love one

3 Replies Asked by Chhe | 9/29/2018 3:20:03 AM

since few days i am having dream of going temple and praying for my love.... Some time Goat & Chicken in Temple and so many pandit doing pooja, And another i was in a taxi and a Stranger guy was so surprise to see me and he wanted to marry me immediately and kissing me openly and exposing me with whoever we meet that he want to marry me and we were going in a temple for praying..... but i was insecure coz he was loved by so many girls. what is that signify for.. Is dream of going in temple good or bad???

Dream with God saying something

1 Reply Asked by Gina Ghose | 9/27/2018 12:48:57 PM

I had this dream 3 years ago that God was saying something to me. God and this angel showed me a guy who was kissing me and then i looked up at the angel and god and they said that he was the one who let me feel everything and that he was the one. Now, i see a guy on television a celebrity from a different country who looks like that guy from my dreams from 3 years ago. Should I believe that he is the one God was talking about? What does this mean?

Dreams that has the same guy in it

1 Reply Asked by Gina Ghose | 9/27/2018 12:45:02 PM

I keep having these romantic dreams that have the same guy in it over and over again. When I was looking at something on the internet, i see a celebrity looks most likely the same guy from my dreams. Is the celebrity and the guy from my dreams the same person? Does this mean anything? Or am I just illiusioning things?

Dreamt of the same guy over and over again

1 Reply Asked by Gina Ghose | 9/27/2018 9:47:41 AM

I dreamt of this guy in my dreams 3 years ago over and over. Like romantic dreams And then it stopped. Now recgently, i see him again in my dreams. What does this mean? Why do i still keep seeing him in my dreams when I didn't see him in my dreams 3 years ago till then. Please and thank you answer this. With your honest opinion of course.

Trying to steal my bag

1 Reply Asked by Sum | 9/25/2018 6:30:39 AM

Dream someone unknown was trying to steal my bag. I had my school bag on a chair outside, I was doing something and was about to deliver something for someone which was couple houses away, and a random guy trying to going thru my school bag and almost got couple dollars out. I told him i will call cops if you dont leave. And he step out. I had a feeling he was gonna wander around and saw him going thru my bag. Caught him again and called the cops he was trying to explain. Cops came.

Many small snakes all around outside the house

1 Reply Asked by Beverly Mondina | 9/18/2018 10:13:11 PM

I dream of many small snakes I was afraid but they dont do nothing I was not being chase they are just moving. I kill some the one that comes near me using a bolo that is not also sharp because I was afraid.

Finding a room

1 Reply Asked by Yvonne Herbst | 9/10/2018 8:35:17 AM

I continue to dream of trying to find a classroom. I am in a large city and in a hurry to find my middle school. I finally find the school and hurry to register for classes. Then I try to find my first classroom. I climb five stairwells and stop at the top and ask this very very tall man if he can help me find room 538. He begins to bend down to help me but I wake up.


0 Reply Asked by lauren clark | 9/8/2018 7:06:55 AM

The dream was set in the type of home my spouse and I would love to live in one day. There was a large event or party going on in the house. A lot of the people there were current people in my life but also friends from college/past. We were all getting ready. Everyone was able to get ready but for some reason I was not able to ever find a moment to get ready. Then when I finally had a moment the curling Iron caught fire. It was very vivid. I just remember starring at this flame. All I remember is that everyone one safely got out but I was stuck in the middle of the fire. I just remember feeling extremely hot but never getting burned. Then all of a sudden I was out of the fire and everyone seemed fine but I was very uneasy because I had just experienced a near death experience and no one seemed to acknowledge that. They kept wanting me to join them to go do something. They were upset because I did not want to go. Then I found myself being drawn back to the burnt house. I went to the front door which was very black and charred. I looked into the dark ash window on the front door and immediately saw (I'm assuming) my reflection. I saw a woman but when I reached up to touch the reflection it shattered. Then I looked through the shattered window and saw the woman hunch over in the hallway. I just felt very sad... That was the end of the dream. Very vivid dream!

Tattoo and piggyride

1 Reply Asked by Sum | 9/5/2018 2:10:53 PM

My boyfriend dreamt we both went to a tattoo shop to make a tattoo..the whole time me and my boyfriend was holding each other’s hands. He gave me a piggy ride all the way back home and then we made love.

Shaving head

1 Reply Asked by Sum | 8/30/2018 6:56:36 AM

I dreamt I was shaving my boyfriend mom's head. Which the lady doesn't look the same in real life. She was telling me all the hardship she had to go thru. She asked me to shaved her head and I accidentally shaved her right eyebrow as well she didnt get mad at all. I wonder what thT means

Saving life

1 Reply Asked by Sum | 8/30/2018 6:53:22 AM

Dreamt I was saving lives in er and I'm a nurse in real life but I'm trying to finish my further education. I dreamt I did CPR and saved a baby life. The doctor just gave me the baby that was not breathing and I start my CPR quick and look for my fren who is a pediatric nurse and er nurse as well in real life. After the baby was saved I look for my fren and told her that she need to get back to work.

Kissing my handsome former teacher

1 Reply Asked by Ma. Almaver Victoria | 8/23/2018 11:54:07 AM

I vividly dreamt of me and my teacher kissing on a car. He was actually teaching me how to kiss. We kissed passionately until my parents came to knock and stop us from kissing. What would this dream mean?

Dreaming of falling in love with dead famous person

1 Reply Asked by Kierstyn Rose | 8/21/2018 3:57:47 AM

I keep dreaming of a specific famous person who passed in November 2017. they were a singer and died from a drug overdose. the dream is me with them and falling in love and i wake up feeling emotional and just confused. i dream about him the past couple of days and i dont have any idea what it means. im not told anything specific from what i remember of the dreams. it has been on my mind constantly since the first dream because it really has me just confused and sad because i do admire this celebrity.

Lion Bit My 5 yr old Son

1 Reply Asked by Yna | 8/14/2018 10:23:55 AM

Lion bit the leg of my son and slam him 2 times and I was running towards them then I woke up

Snake bite

1 Reply Asked by Yvonne Herbst | 8/13/2018 7:31:10 AM

I dreamt I was running in a large backyard toward a hurricane fence. Upon climbing the fence to look on the other side I noticed a red/brown/white pattern snake in a ball. As I placed my hand on the top of the fence and spread out my arm a light brown snake was at my arm. I saw the teeth slowly bite down on my arm and woke up yelling for my husband to help. Please advise

Bad dream about My sister's baby

2 Replies Asked by Saravanan | 7/25/2018 6:15:31 PM

On a college my self and my elder sister was bringing my another sister's 8year old baby. We lost her while face wash. Then 10mins later we searching for child. Then we found child is falling down and crying under a plant. We lift her up. She was crying. Then her urinary bladder was opened very Largely. . My self and my sister crying thinking that baby was raped. Then she put some oil in baby uninary bladder and give massage to reduce baby crying and pain. Myself search for the person then I stopped crying. This dream comes and I wake up immediately at the time of 5.20am. Please give answer to me quickly. I'm very much feared. Please give me a solution then only I can go out for job. Until that I will be with my sisters child only for her security. Please sent your response to saravanan15eco143@gmail.com

Significance of my Dream

1 Reply Asked by Tarara123 | 7/23/2018 2:34:31 AM

I dreamt of flowing in a river and falling in a rapid due to which I fell deep in the river and felt breathless and suffocated, stuck even. Then I quickly recovered, came up the river, swam and saved myself by swimming to the edge. Then I saw my Mom coming towards me all worried and concern and eventually happy that I was saved. Ive had this dream twice now. Is there a significance?

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