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Pregnancy dream

0 Reply Asked by M***n | 11/28/2019 6:08:59 PM

I dreamt I was heavily pregnant and I could physically see the baby turn in my belly and I could feel the head engaging. Baby was a girl. I'm already a mum of 6 what does this mean

Had dream of son father marrying his wife to which they have already been marrie

0 Reply Asked by C***a | 11/21/2019 2:50:20 AM

I had a dream I was decorating and dee jaying my,already married, son fathers wedding. He was marrying the same woman to which he has been married to in life.They were clearly either remarring or been together a long time in my dream because I announce them as the new old Mr and Mrs. We have been and still remain best friends in life. His friends and family did attend to whom which I too know in life. My mother was helping me to decorate the reception. So in this dream I did not see them marry I only knew they married because I was clearly in charge of dee jay and reception decor. I woke up laughing with my ex about a long standing joke. But the joke was only something from a previous dream about our son.

Bag of snakes

1 Reply Asked by D***r | 11/18/2019 6:30:19 AM

Walking with my wife and we found a bag of snakes. The snakes didn't do anything but move around in the bag.

Dreaming elephant

1 Reply Asked by K***a | 11/8/2019 5:21:36 PM

I was holding a baby hand around 5 years old infront geen elephant .i asked baby to touch elephant it will not harm but then suddenly elephant began to push me .and poked me with its tusk which really hurted me and i wad awake .after i awake also i felt like it pained for sometime .i was frighten and then after i slept thinking its just a dream

Beginning of the zombie apocalypse

1 Reply Asked by F***e | 11/4/2019 6:38:32 AM

I had long dream but this part puzzles me. I remember being in the ocean with a bunch of dead fish, and they looked more like baby sharks and after I saw myself overlooking the ocean from an abandoned house all of a sudden. In the distance I saw seal and big sharks and wildlife swimming in like a fishing port. I’m confused by what this may mean.

About my professional life

0 Reply Asked by B***u | 11/2/2019 12:34:48 AM

Prediction my future . My date of birth 22 august 1989

Baby rhino with horns

0 Reply Asked by l***n | 10/30/2019 12:00:52 PM

In my dream, i had this baby rhino that was aggressive. I provoke it more by kicking it. With a tree like support to protect me from it's horn, i kick it while i was holding to this tree. The rhino was below and couldn't reach me. But he was definitely pissed and charges to kill me. Then the horn snaps. The baby rhino was all bloody mess. I shout at my husband for help to take the baby rhino and lock it back to its cage. What does this dream means?

ready for a travel

1 Reply Asked by c***a | 10/30/2019 12:44:48 AM

ready for a travel or trekking with a backpack

M pregnant.

1 Reply Asked by p***m | 10/29/2019 7:10:07 PM

Chinese baby predict m having baby girl...but I keep on dreaming about cucumber n radish..is say I will born son..which 1 to believe dream or Chinese baby predict

Crocodile swimming dream

1 Reply Asked by l***n | 10/18/2019 3:31:37 PM

I had this dream where a gigantic abnormal size crocodile was swimming around my house.i don't know why but my house is flooded at that time. I am watching that crocodile outside on the first floor of my house. It doesn't do any harm though..just swimming and relaxing.. Could it be a pregnancy dream? Or something else? I'm a married woman and this is my second try for pregnancy. Please let me know. Thanks.

Dead deer

0 Reply Asked by S*** | 10/17/2019 9:37:51 AM

I dreamt i was going to this magical door like 3 or 4 times. And once u go in it wont open when i was done with it. I heard people were yelling about tigers on loose didnt saw anythung but dead deers it was alot of dead deers on my side. I wonder what that means. And i met my olddd friend in my dream as well

Tiger in a Lucid dream

0 Reply Asked by S***u | 10/14/2019 10:34:03 AM

I was at this industrial shipyard (i have one in my hometown close to where i live but i didnt recognise it in my dream) and i was tying my shoes or something, and then i felt like "what if a tiger came across that corner, what would i do",but i was dreaming and i dont use to "think" while dreaming, stuff just happens but i did that time and then right on the corner i looked at i saw him running after a smaller animal and at that moment it struck me that i was dreaming, and i felt goosebumps all over my body( really i knew and felt i was laying at my bed) and then the tiger comes again but this time he atacks me and i try to fly but i only jumped reaaaally high i got a birdsview of the tiger the building we were next to, then he started running to the place i was falling to and i knew he was going to get me and i would wake up, didnt felt scared at all, he did jump on me and i woke up. this is one of the weirder dreams i have ever had

I'm not in the dream but I saw a dead body being thrown in the dirty tank

0 Reply Asked by E***e | 10/12/2019 7:05:48 AM

I dreamt about a couple has two kids and the kids kept on playing with someone their parents can't see until they saw a dead body inside of their house, at the end of the dream I saw the couple threw away the body on a deep transparent tank with a very dirty water, I kept dreaming that involves water and last time the water is running or like on a top of a dam and now the dream about that dead body on a dirty tank.

Wild boar

1 Reply Asked by S*** | 10/10/2019 4:19:33 PM

In my dream i was walking around the mountains. Open green mountains and for some reason i suddenly had a open wound on my right side knee. It was t hurting at all. It was not oozing any blood but when i press it was kinda pus but was not painful at all. Also in my dream Wild boar was chasing me in my dream for some reason. I try to scare but didnt hurt me just chasing me

Dirty airplane

0 Reply Asked by V***P | 9/15/2019 9:56:48 AM

Hello it’s a second time this week where I had a dream where I know I’m being told something. I just don’t know what it is. I was with a friend, a young woman my age who was trying to go to her boyfriends house for but she didn’t know his address. I advised not to go see someone she didn’t know well and also didn’t have the correct address for— but she insisted. So to keep her safe, I decided to go with her. Soon we reached where she thought he lived but turned out she really did have the address wrong and he lived on another part of the city. So she wanted to get on this plane to see him. I tried to stop her but she got on it anyway. It was a huge very old metallic gray airplane. Many many poor people were getting on it and then the doors closed with them inside... i wateched from outside... I wanted to stop them as I feared the plane was too old and may crash but they got on it anyway. I no longer see this girl I was trying to help. Next scene is I am on the plane. I really scared now because I don’t want to be on it. It’s was very filthy and smelled bad on the inside. To make matters worse I realize my son is on it... he was all exited and running around. There were several people on it, all very poor. The plane has many rooms all dark and dirty. No place to sit and I was tired. But I had to follow my son .. I did not want him to be lost or sit in a dirty spot...so I kept following him. Then I reached a buff room and found several on my cousins and an uncle... someone whom I’ve not seen in years. I realized they had bought the plane as an investment. Last thing was I peered out of a window near the cockpit( I don’t remember seeing the pilot but I could hear them) i was surprised how sunny it was outside with white clouds outside, I had expected it to be dark. As the plane flew through the city and now flew lower I remained fearful it was going to crash and couldn’t wait to get off. But then I was surprised again that it kept flying without crashing. Please help me understand this. Thank you

Dream explaining

2 Replies Asked by S***s | 9/13/2019 5:14:53 AM

I dreamed a sweety kisses in a bad with my ex girlfriend,what it still can be?


4 Replies Asked by V***P | 9/12/2019 5:11:45 AM

I dreamed at dawn that a little grey bat had flown in under my blanket. It was snuggling as if trying to hide. My first reaction was fear and I wanted it out. So I shooed it. As it tried to stay I realized it just needed protection. So I mentally decided to let it stay but it kept flapping its wings and I was afraid of getting hurt. So tried to hold it by it’s wings to get it to calm down but then it swat my forearm and lacerated it. It wasn’t bleeding but I could see my flesh and it burned. The bat was calmer but starting to fly away. As o tried to get it to stop I woke up. I’m confused because I felt for certain this meant something but I’m not sure what.

dream of tiger walking thru very slow just looking at everyone in its path

2 Replies Asked by m***a | 8/31/2019 3:17:08 PM

tiger was walkig thru just looking at everyone, and there was kids in its path and everyone was yelling to grab their kids then they get the tiger to go into sum kind of truck that ended up to be sumkind of box or cage to lock it in then before i woke up the tiger let out this loudest roar so loud itwas heard all across the waters to where in my dream i was staring in the tigers mouth then i see all types of birds flyacross insky over the waters and i was saying oh no sumthing happen sumthing rong and rite before iwoke up i seen a bunch of tigers gettig up out of nowhefe looking at me straight forward getting ready to come towards me then i woke up


1 Reply Asked by K***s | 8/26/2019 2:53:42 AM

I dreamt that a friend was taking me to a local river to see a water project he had started. Upon squatting near the riverbank, I felt a force push me to drown, head-first. I managed to pull myself back to safety after half of my face went into the water.


1 Reply Asked by K***s | 8/26/2019 2:49:25 AM

A dream that I was walking with my daughter then suddenly ended up in an enclosed meshed structure with bees on the ceiling of the structure. We were under threat of being stung and I was more scared for my daughter's allergies since this was going to affect her breathing.

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