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Huge cut up fish

1 Reply Asked by S***e | 6/8/2019 6:17:48 AM

I have dreamed twice about huge cleaned cut up fish, the last dream the head was skinned and I ...

Doctor and baby dream

1 Reply Asked by S***r | 5/14/2019 6:15:57 PM

In my dream a doctor gave me his baby to hold for a while. The baby was solid and healthy and I...

I am an archaeologist

0 Reply Asked by J***n | 5/9/2019 7:53:29 PM

Hi Michelle, I had a dream about being an archaeologist with my girlfriend and we were looking...

Water In Dream

1 Reply Asked by T***K | 5/9/2019 4:47:33 AM

Most of my dream consists of water. be it river, sea, water falls, stream and other. What does ...

I dreamed I was playing with a toddler little boy

1 Reply Asked by S***a | 4/21/2019 1:39:59 AM

Hello, I want to conceive a baby boy, when is the best time? My DOB is 10/30/75


1 Reply Asked by S*** | 4/11/2019 6:54:14 PM

I dreamt I saw a huge crocodile near the small lake rolling, I wasn’t scared at all and the cro...


1 Reply Asked by S*** | 4/9/2019 6:18:02 PM

I dream I was hitting my boyfriend cause he was pissing me off. He told me he won’t stay longer...

Dream with god in it

1 Reply Asked by G***e | 4/3/2019 10:13:40 PM

This is a dream from 3 years ago. An angel in it showed me a guy with black hair, pale skin, an...

Blue hair and nose piercing

0 Reply Asked by S*** | 4/3/2019 10:25:13 AM

I dreamed my boyfriend had a beanie on and I pulled his beanie he had a blue hair colored and p...

My dream

0 Reply Asked by ي*** | 3/22/2019 1:08:23 AM

Today morning I dreamed a very beautiful dream And God is the world that I am I dreamed that I...

Frying a frog in the dream

1 Reply Asked by O***a | 3/15/2019 9:04:10 PM

What does it mean to see someone frying a frog in your sitting room?

Dream from 3 years ago and I still remember it

1 Reply Asked by G***e | 3/12/2019 8:30:44 PM

This one dream from 3 years ago, has been bothering me till this day. The dream started with me...

This one dream from 3 years ago has been bothering me up till now.

0 Reply Asked by G***e | 3/12/2019 8:24:13 PM

This one dream from 3 years ago, has been bothering me till this day. The dream started with me...

Mother in Law

0 Reply Asked by P***a | 2/27/2019 8:03:16 PM

Before my mother in law passed away in 2015, we never had a mother and daughter bonding kind of...

Often I see this guy in my dreams but I usually shrug it off.

1 Reply Asked by G***e | 2/19/2019 7:59:36 PM

Sometimes there’s this guy in my dreams that I see but I can’t see his face clearly. Every time...

some one chassing me in my dreams

0 Reply Asked by G*** | 2/11/2019 7:29:03 PM

I always dreams that aperson chessing me what does it mean?

wisdom tooth

1 Reply Asked by S*** | 2/10/2019 6:19:54 PM

i had a weird dream that i was in the operating bed, i was just laid on the bed and no one was...

Bird attack

1 Reply Asked by Y***t | 1/23/2019 10:06:05 AM

A large white bird with red on its head and long neck was chasing me and biting my back. I woul...

Dreamed i was a tiger a self aware tiger

0 Reply Asked by J***t | 1/14/2019 3:16:05 AM

the dream starts out me leave a car as a tiger seeing a boy/girl with a German shepherd pup pla...

A baby monkey

1 Reply Asked by A***t | 1/10/2019 3:49:55 AM

"A baby monkey tried to steal my baguette and bite my left thumb. I was trying to remove m...

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