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Kittens dream

1 Reply Asked by l***n | 2/17/2020 2:58:39 PM

My dad own lots of kittens, all cute and scared. I booked one kitten coloured white and brown for me to take care later. I ask my dad if i could put out an advertisement to ask ppl to adopt these kittens as they are too many and quite troublesome to take care of. My dad said no. What is kitten dream means?

husband married to second woman

1 Reply Asked by s***e | 2/16/2020 10:28:50 AM

my husband doing second marriage

Strange dream about hair coming out of my nose.

1 Reply Asked by M***G | 2/15/2020 9:56:59 AM

I had a rather strange dream, strangest I have had in a while. I had a dream I was walking into the bathroom and as I glanced in the mirror I seen something showing slightly out of one of my nostrils. I thought it was a blood clot kind of like what you'd get after a nosebleed type of thing. Anyway I ignored it and finally went back to the bathroom in which I blew my nose and what ever was in my nose had came out a little more so i took a piece of the tissue paper and kind of pulled it out and it turned out to be a rather big chunk of hair with an elastic around it (Kind of like a bun, which is how i have been wearing my hair a lot lately) It was a weird dream and i woke up so confused by it. Usually i forget what I dream of but this one seem to stuck with me. What could it mean?

Dreaming of getting married

1 Reply Asked by S*** | 2/12/2020 12:09:59 AM

What does it mean when you had a dream of getting married to a person that known to you and that person is about to get married? A family Male?

Babies and Snake

0 Reply Asked by R***s | 2/6/2020 9:14:43 PM

This past few days im having dreams about snakes and babies. 1st dream: Im in a house with a family that has a baby in lying in the bed, that I dont know and while im watching tv there, something fell in my head, I thought its just my hair, but I found out baby green snakes coming from the ceiling, I panicked, then Suddenly I saw the baby surrounded by the green snakes, but I got shocked when the baby ate the snake. 2nd dream: I was holding a baby, and my niece is in front of me, and suddenly a saw dark cobra shape snake,In the dream I knew the snake will bite someone, so as the snake is about to bite, I give my neck so the baby wouldnt be hurt and my niece as well. 3rd dream: I saw a group of babies with their moms, and there is a big yellow snake, a baby boy that can sit on his own. The yellow snake come for the baby boy, but the baby boy kiss and hugs the snakes and then he suddendly wranggle the neck of the snake. I want to know the meaning of my dreams thank you.

Tiger chases me in my dream

0 Reply Asked by G***i | 1/29/2020 4:56:48 PM

I had a dream of a tiger is keep on chasing me. It likes my smell and although there are people surrounding me the tiger chases me alone. I am running and escaping although the dream but the tiger also chasing and following me. I was trying to escape my climbing the wall and reach top the house but the tiger follows me and trying to attack me. I didn't get hurt in any of the places but afraid so much which makes a disturb sleep. Please interpret my dream

Stepping on someone's grave

0 Reply Asked by l***n | 1/28/2020 11:01:34 PM

In that dream, i was Stepping on someone's grave. I quickly get away from the grave and apologize repeatedly. The dead is not buried properly, less than 1foot depth. My friend can see the decomposing face ( i refuse to see it clearly because i feel disgusted) Is this a bad omen? Or does it mean anything? Thanks.

Catching 2 Giant fishes and a big crocodile using fish hook or fishing rod

1 Reply Asked by F***o | 1/26/2020 6:19:04 PM

I dream that i am fishing a flowing stream. I set up a bait in my fishing rod then I threw my first attempt and catch with a giant fish that was very to pull it up.. but still i caught it. In the second attempt of fishing another giant fish i caught and still to manage to get that giant fish though it was heavy. I set up another bait, on third attempt, another heavy catch and was struggling getting pull it out from the water that catch because it was strong and keep on fighting, after i manage to pull it out from the water, my suprise! A bog crocodile ate my bait! And then i run holding my fishing rod dragging the crocodile.

Paranormal Activity

0 Reply Asked by l***n | 1/14/2020 5:06:49 PM

In the dream, chairs were thrown aggressively but i did not see anyone visible throwing it. The chair would float by itself and thrown away. I did not get hurt btw..just feeling a bit scared while i watch it happen. Does this dream actually mean anything?

Yesterday night I dream that my wife funked by another person.

0 Reply Asked by F*** | 1/13/2020 1:26:24 AM

What are the meaning of the dream

I was back with my past christian group then struggling on getting food buffet

0 Reply Asked by R***r | 1/7/2020 2:52:12 AM

I was back with my past christian group (see my old cell leader) but cried on a lady saying I thank God for he accept me again. A guy who is a co worker of mine was shouting like when my cell leader says oh you haven't yet eaten he shouts "I don't even know" then getting food we struggled I even bump on a table and he shouts again "Your Fault"

What’s my dreams

0 Reply Asked by M*** | 1/1/2020 9:10:14 AM

In my dreams at the beginning I found a lot of small gold jewellery then after pickup several of them at the end I found 5 gold buckets filled up with gold coin and I’m taking all the 5 gold buckets

Tiger, fish and other animals came ro my bedroom

0 Reply Asked by N***a | 1/1/2020 5:27:08 AM

The tiger had a cub, the fish had 1 super big and 1 small (medium maybe) and i forgot the other animals but they came in my bedroom and they all went and found their position to stay in the tiger and it's cub went under my double deck bed i was at the top no one was sleeping at the bottem then under it stayed the tiger, then the 2 fish even though they are out of water they still look like they were in water and swam under another bed in the room then the other animals either went to the closet or any corner they can stay at like they were playing hide because there was a tiger. And then the next thing i remembered was i was kinda scared because common there was a tiger under my bed and the when i was near the door to go out i saw the tiger climbing or attacking my sister and i the next thing i remembered i seem to have grown a hell of a balls and attack the tiger wothout fear and won, the next scen was that the big fish was cooked and looking juicy and big on the table even though it was a slice part chunk it was still big and my sister and or friend was there as well they were already eating the fish but i don't know why but i only stared at it and remembering how majestic it look while swimming in my bed room even without water it has like inviscible water around it and the small fish.... so please huhu interpret it thank you🙇🙇🙇

Dreaming about lion and a tiger

0 Reply Asked by K***e | 12/29/2019 6:57:36 AM

I dreamt about a lion and a tiger in same cage and I was in other field sudden I feel those two animal may hurt me so I jumbo the wire and started run they run after me too but they are not aggressive the tiger is brown and the lion is black also had a dream that two lion show up in our former house and killed our dog but they didn't attack me or any one they just kill the dog and they started running around the compound

Dreams about tiger again and again

1 Reply Asked by A***e | 12/26/2019 7:58:51 PM

I have dreamt about tiger number of times. It started coming to me when i know that a tiger was living near my area i was small. In dreams he is always chasing me and enters in my house.. I don't remember the colour of tiger and i get up every time..it cannot catch me but I'm very scared of it. It mostly comes during morning time. He is chasing me or bot i don't know..but he is always coming towards me but he never got me as i woke up.. please suggest something i want to stop having these dreams

My dead father visited my fiance in her dream and told her something

0 Reply Asked by R***n | 12/6/2019 7:10:31 PM

My dead father visited my fiance in her dream she said we was sitting around talking and he told her something but she can't remember what it was

Factory explosion

1 Reply Asked by l***n | 12/3/2019 1:54:05 PM

In that dream, me and my husband was quite far from the factory explosion. We saw big smoke coming above and residue from the explosion hitting some nearby trees. My husband got curious and bring me with him to the actual site. Lot's of bystander there, and i saw this chinese uncle crying hysterically, so i assume either it's his factory or his relatives lived there. What could this dream means?


1 Reply Asked by Y***K | 12/2/2019 10:14:24 AM

I had a dream in which I saw a dead body covered with white cloth


1 Reply Asked by l***n | 12/1/2019 2:36:09 PM

I had a repeated dream of me riding a motorcycle, and i was happy riding it to places i never been before. What does it mean?

Eagle dream

0 Reply Asked by T***e | 11/29/2019 9:46:41 PM

I read your list of dreams regarding eagles. However I did not see mine. I dreamed I was swimming in a pristine lake, almost eye level with the water. But I had a birds eye view at the same time? There, in front of me, was about four or five beautiful bald eagles bathing in the water. Maybe fifty feet, a safe distance but not a care I was there. That's all I remember.. along with the calmest feeling I have ever felt. What does this mean? Any thoughts or ideas? Thank you for reading

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