Hi Sifu,
I dream i went in to a chinese old shop selling chinese prayers stuff. I told the olf lady i wanted to buy a pair of big candle, she gave me candle with an odd semi circle candle. And i request from her water too. She ask me to go get some from a well nearby. The well is full with water. A slight milky well water. Is this an auspicious dream or bad sign. Im worry!

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Water in a well is always a good omen unless u are drowning in it and it often has to do with emotional matters of the heart or money ... It is a good omen because the well is full and milky is good since there was a healing well in China producing milky foamy beer like water ...How many of The semi circle candle did she give u ? It could be very auspicious ... especially if u are Jewish ...LOL...Since it resembles the Menorah...One of the most sacred object in the religion of Judaism ... And it is the element of fire which u have obtained along with the water element...Yin and Yang ... !!!

This is an auspicious dream indicating you health condition is good and you may get some good news.
Hi Sifu John, she gave me two big candle(arm length) one of the candle has curl in between(like snake curl on a trunk) and another one straight candle. Not like menorah.
Hi Sifu May, thank you for the reply. I was really relieve that it is auspicious dream. I was worry earlier on. This year has been unkind to me... So this really a good news. Hope it will come true!
Are u looking for or involved in a relationship ... ??? The two candles u are looking for seems to indicate this and one of them has twist and turn like a snake could mean one of u are not truthful and hiding some things from the other or it coo mean two potential partners u are choosing from right now only one is a straight honest person ...The other more clever or devious ... Getting water from the well is still very good and coo quench the fire of desires lit by either or both candles ... Hope this helps ... Namaste ... !!!
Hi, Master John, Im married with two kids. And yes I caught my husband having affair two year back. We now trying to get back ourself as family again. Counseling and etc... I admit the past two year was really tough for me. I will have to be careful then. I hope my this auspicious dream will bring good luck! Thank you for enlighten me. Appreciate it.
U are welcome ... Princess Surrent...Keep Laffing too like me...It's good for u and your family ... LOL...!!!

Say Hohoho too like my Austrian cousin Santa Claus ... He just borrow my Cantonese greeting because HO means good in Cantonese so hohoho is good good good...!!! ... LOL ... !!!

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