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Asked by E***r | 5/13/2017 7:02:31 PM

Can I ask why my last dreaming are not ansered?
maybe I do something wrong,me excuse,i am not deliberately,but when,I am very sorry for that,please forgive me

Please can you give me an answer.

thank you in advants

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N***g 5/14/2017 3:18:02 AM

Hi Eleonor,

What's your last dream?

E***r 5/14/2017 4:29:05 AM


I have a dream last night,I was swimming in a lake with people and my dogs and a white
snake,I was not afraid,after swimming I was in my bed and I was playing with the snake and my dogs please what is this means`?

Thank you very much

E***r 5/14/2017 4:36:31 AM

I dreamed in the night that I found a big bag with a lot of coins and one big Taler I show my mother that is alreaedy past, this TalerI take in my hand and turn it on we all were very surprise.
What is the meaning of this dream?

Thank you very much for your help


N***g 5/14/2017 11:00:40 AM

Hi Eleonor,

Dreaming of swimming in a lake with people and dogs and a white snake indicates you enjoy a very cozy life and you may get promoted in work.

The second dream is also auspicious. It indicates you will have a good luck in money or there will be happy things happen in your family.

E***r 5/14/2017 2:35:48 PM


I thank you for the information,and for the forgivenis
Have a nice day and God bless you.


E***r 5/15/2017 2:28:51 PM


Good morning,I had a dream,what can it mean/
My husband and my sister were kissing on my bed,and after a big cockroach come out of
anywhere on the bed and had crowled along.
I was sitting on a chear in this room and saw what was going on.

Thank you for explean and have a nice day with Gods Blessing.

S***e 5/16/2017 8:44:51 AM

Hi Eleonor,

Dream is the letter that subconsciousness writes to you. It will tell you some secrets of your inner heart. Dreaming of your husband and your sister kissing on bed may reveal that you are doubtful about your husband in waking life or you feel your husband will like the women who are younger than you. That's the reflection of your distrust to him and the lack of confidence to yourself. In another situation, your sister may stands for you in dream.

Cockroach in dream usually stands for those dreaded and terrifying things. As it appear in your dream, there may be something bad happen to you which makes you scared.

E***r 5/16/2017 11:42:53 AM

Thank you very much for your entleightement

E***r 9/11/2017 7:46:26 PM


Good morning,I had a dream last night I was driving in a car and the street was dark
I turn back with my car on the street because the autolight was also not working,I was a little bit scarry about that.

Please what that can mean?

Thank you

M***e 9/12/2017 6:39:14 PM

Dream about drvingin a car usually reflect your confidence and life condition. In your dream, as you feel a little bit scarry, it shows you couldn't hold your life under perfect control and you lack confidence in waking life. You may lack aim in life.

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